27-29 September 2024
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

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Pacific Green Furniture

Pacific Green (formerly named Post and Rail Furniture) was established in Sydney in 1973. Our collection is now sold in 80+ cities across the USA, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. Our main timber is Palmwood, a durable hardwood alternative made from plantations of coconut palm trees. Each piece of Palmwood has the individual features and natural characteristics of the tree it came from. We present a unique collection of furniture, living, dining, bedding, and homewares that have been developed through the blending of natural materials and cultural elements. Our designs are the fusion of old worlds and new ways. Creating original masterpieces perfectly suited to modern lifestyles. Our products are influenced by traditional artisan skills passed by master craftsmen through the generations so that every Pacific Green item has a heritage and a sense of its global origin. Our aim is to offer inspirational sustainable products to enliven your interior. Come to see our designs at the show!

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