27-29 September 2024
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

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MyPlace Australia

MyPlace is an Australian owned and manufactured smart home controller that integrates with your existing (or new) ducted air conditioning system and lights, garage door motors, MyPlace security cameras and more. MyPlace transforms any home into a smart home environment that enables Australian families to be their best. Our market leading smart home technology powers: Smart air conditioning that optimises temperature levels and promotes family harmony by ensuring everyone can have their room, their way. Smart climate control that automatically responds to hot weather, lowers blinds to keep the heat out and saves on energy consumption. Smart security cameras that make us feel safe, protected and in control by having eyes on our home, inside and out. Smart home intelligence that helps us remember things we sometimes forget, like the garage door open or the lights on. MyPlace is tech with a purpose, not tech for techs sake. Its affordable, its fun. Most of all, its really really useful.

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