23-25 February 2024
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

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Ideal Solar

iDEAL Solar offers the Bill Guarantee. How Does The Bill Guarantee Work? Choose iDeal Solar for your solar installation and not only will you save thousands of dollars every year on electricity costs, but they will also GUARANTEE your power bill – in writing. What does this mean? If your system is not performing straight away at 100%, iDEAL Solar will know from the remote monitoring. They will ensure that you optimise your system to get what you paid for. Customers will know what the new power bill will be, so iDEAL Solar will deliver to ensure it’s producing above what was promised, otherwise iDEAL Solar will pay you the difference. There is no other solar provider in the country that is prepared to put their reputation on the line like iDeal Solar and guarantee your power bill. It’s simply another reason why thousands of Australian’s are choosing iDeal Solar for a solar power system. With Australian power prices some of the most expensive in the world, the money you save every month, why not pay your mortgage faster or go on that family getaway. Come and meet the team at The Brisbane Home Show!

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