23-25 February 2024
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

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Acme Trendz Australia

Welcome to Acme Trendz Australia, where we proudly introduce our 2mm thin Natural stone flexible veneers. Our distinctive product is the culmination of extensive research and development spanning numerous years. Acme Stone is an all-natural stone product featuring a 2mm thick stone surface with a resin backing. The stone face is composed of authentic natural stone, while our proprietary manufacturing process utilises advanced technology, using a unique system to reinforce the stone face with mesh and resin. This innovative approach eliminates the reliance on traditional methods involving large cutting and polishing machines, significantly reducing energy and water consumption. Available in standard sizes up to 2700mmx1200mm and customisable dimension. Every sheet is handcrafted to ensure precision and uncompromising quality. We take pride in our ethical production processes, which include natural aging methods, enhancing interiors, exteriors, furniture, and fixtures.

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