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Inspirational designs: Handcrafted and sustainable furniture for your home!

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Pacific Green Furniture presents an unique collection of furniture. Living, dining, bedding and homewares. Luxurious pieces that will enliven your everyday life! With 50 years of experience in the furniture industry, they have specialized in Palmwood furniture and stopped using forest timber since the 1990s. Established in Sydney in 1973 and formerly named Post and Rail, their first collections were characterised by blending natural materials to create tactile products. They have been pioneer in using Coconut Trees in furniture and architectural projects and today Pacific Green is present in 80+ cities internationally.

What is Palmwood?

It is a hardwood substitute developed by Pacific Green in the early 1990s. It all started with the search to find a sustainable viable alternative to rainforest timber. We envisioned that the palms – which were typically discarded into landfill after they stopped producing fruit – could be the solution to the destruction of the planet’s rainforest.

Why using Palmwood?

Palmwood is a by-product that comes from the coconut industry. Using by-products in manufacturing process is our today and tomorrow solution to create a sustainable development for the future generations. We convert reclaimed coconut stems into a hardwearing material perfect for furniture or architecture. Palmwood has a stunning aesthetic of a rich brown with golden flecks running through the grain.

What is Pacific Green’s concept design?

Our aim is to create inspirational designs through the blending of natural materials  and cultural elements. Designs that are the fusion of old worlds and new ways. Creating original masterpieces perfectly suited to modern lifestyles. We use Palmwood, leather, cowhides, grass weaving with timeless metals such as bronze or brass. It takes several days to handmade each of our designs. With a range of 25+ options of Italian leather, cowhides from Brazil, Australian Sheepskin and Australian fabric to choose from, you can customise all designs to create unique pieces for your home. Our products are influenced by traditional artisan skills passed by master craftsmen through the generations, so that every Pacific Green item has an heritage a sense of its global origin.

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