20-22 June 2025
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Perth Paint & Epoxy Supplies

Perth Paint & Epoxy Supplies has built over 20 years of experience, becoming a leading provider in the construction and coatings industries across Australia. Proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, our philosophy focuses on offering quality products and fostering strong customer partnerships. Perth Paint & Epoxy Supplies began by supplying synthetic pigments for the decorative […]

HQ Paint and Deco

Andreas Bennett is the owner/operator of HQ Paint & Deco with more than 30 years’ industry experience. Working on a variety of building sides in Queensland, NSW and WA, Andreas identified many similar problems in buildings like cracking walls and cornices, missing or water damaged skirting boards etc. When he could not find the right […]

Uqesh Advanced Material

UQESH has all the qualities needed to keep the walls and floors of every industry safe, clean, and glossy for a long time. ● Impact Resistance ● Chemical Resistance ● Wear Resistance ● Temperature Resistance ● Bacteria and Mold Resistance ● Dirt Resistance

Inspirations Paint

Inspirations Paint is part of the DuluxGroup, and is Australia’s largest network of paint stores, with over 130 stores nationwide, servicing both the retail (DIY) and trade (professional/commercial) markets. We have 10 stores across the Perth region. Each year we sell over 25 million litres of paint or 1-in-every-5 litres of paint sold in Australia. […]

Ecolux Interiors

EcoLux Interiors is a renowned provider specializing in decorative panels that seamlessly blend luxury with affordability. At EcoLux, we understand that every homeowner aspires to transform their living spaces into visually stunning environments without breaking the bank. Our diverse range of decorative panels is meticulously designed to revamp any tired space into a captivating feature […]