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Using privacy screens to modernise your yard

10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

Aluminium slatted privacy screens and gates are most often installed as a modern screen, fence or gate in your yard to provide privacy for your home. However, did you know slatted screens can also be customised to hide and screen those eyesores in your yard such as bins, pool filters, gas bottles, and air-conditioning units?

Professional installation or DIY?

Hiring a professional for a quality installation of your privacy screen or gate is a much better option than DIY. A professional team can help you choose the screen or gate that is perfect for your home and ensures a solid, beautiful result without you lifting a finger. Screens and gates can be colour matched to your existing home and even come in wood effect. You’ll have the flexibility to choose almost any height, length or slat spacing you choose; and a quality slat system will hide all ugly screws from sight.

Aluminium slats can be used to provide privacy for a range of scenarios:

  • Brick pier infills – the ideal screening infill for your existing brick piers, adding modern style and privacy.
  • Fencing and gates – to keep your home safe and secure.
  • Deck and/or balcony areas – so you can enjoy complete privacy when you’re outside.
  • Utility covers – including pool filter boxes, bins, air conditioning units and/or gas bottles.
  • Screening in carports and patio enclosures – providing extra privacy.
  • Window screens – giving you privacy from neighbouring houses and the sun outside.

What are the benefits of choosing an aluminium screen over a wood screen?

Aluminium is extremely durable and is highly resistant to corrosion and weathering and, unlike wood, it is termite proof and won’t warp, burn or rot. Aluminium is an extremely low-maintenance product that doesn’t need to be painted or treated at all after installation. It’s beautifully solid and low maintenance.