21-23 June 2024
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Your Dream Home Theatre System

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Onsite at the Sydney Home Show we spoke to Theatre expert Luke and had a tour of their state of the art, At Home Theatre systems. Read on to learn all the key information you need to elevate your home.

So Luke, what is Theatre at Home and what does the business offer?

At Theatre at Home, we’re dedicated to bringing the home theatre experience to anyone and everyone. The unique thing about us is all our systems do not require pre-wiring. There’s no installation of speakers in your wall. So, we can do any size room, any space and convert them into your dream home theatre.


Why was Theatre at Home created?

It solves a problem. We’ve been doing home theatres for 20 years now and this concept is unique to us and brand new. A lot of your other home theatre brands require permanency and it’s not really obtainable for everyone. They’re missing the renter’s market and people who aren’t going to live in the home forever. With all our systems, we have open plan living solutions that are suitable for renters and people looking for a full home theatre. Not just your sound bars, but your actual dedicated home theatre solutions as well.

We want to bring that to everyone. This part of your home is a room that everyone enjoys. Even the kids can get involved and pick and choose their options. It’s something that everyone is going to use and we want to bring that to absolutely everybody and make it accessible.

What is your best-selling product and some of its features?

Okay, so the great thing about what we do is we have all your top brands. Our most popular brands for projectors are Epson, but we have other brands like Optoma, JVC and BenQ, so we give you all the options. Klipsch speakers are what we’re running here at the home show, but again, we have Focal, Q Acoustics, KEF, and Triad just to name a few as well.

I guess the reason that we’ve put the ones we have on display is they are your largest and biggest manufacturers of those particular products. Most of them have been doing it for over 80 years now. They’re very, very high end, excellent quality, but they’re also obtainable. An Epson 4K projector is going to start anywhere from about $3,000 and a good Klipsch surround sound system from about the same money as well. Theatre At Home do a range of full dedicated home cinemas from around about $14,000 fully installed.

We encourage people to come down to the Home Shows to check out the full range. We also have seven store locations across Australia, including two in Sydney, down at Moore Park and Castle Hill for you to experience all the Home Theatre systems.


That’s a great idea for people to really see the Home Theatres on offer in person. Is it a family owned business? How did it begin?

Yes, it is a family owned business. We’ve been doing home cinemas for 20 years now. It’s been run and operated by the same guys. In the last six months we’ve expanded to seven stores across Australia with a total of 25 theatres between them just on display. By the time Christmas rocks around, we should have 10 and by mid next year we’ll be close to 15, if not 20. So yes, we are definitely expanding and that only comes from doing the right thing for all our clients and providing excellent service and the best prices. You need to look after your clients because at the end of the day they’re the ones that are coming back to us and helping us or referring other people so customer service comes first for us. Absolutely.


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