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8 tips for downsizing to a smaller space

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Whoever said bigger is better never experienced the elegance of less. There are lots of reasons you may choose to (or end up) downsizing – to save money, a move to the city, or just to simplify your life – maybe the kids have flown from the nest. Whatever your reasons, here are 8 top tips that will get you inspired about your impending downsizing adventure!

1. Give away or throw away

Make it your mission to collect every you-never-use-anymore item and drop it off at a Goodwill or donation centre. It feels good knowing your pretty pink ballet flats that you barely ever wore or your chemistry textbooks from college are going to find a brand new home. Then for task two, make it your mission to throw out, or recycle, everything that can’t be given away or sold, and that you feel comfortable letting go.

2. Give your possessions a year to simmer   

For the items you are not sure about, you can pack away in a couple of boxes. The golden rule of downsizing is that if you don’t need these items after a year, you can safely throw them out too. If you don’t have space for these items in your new home, you can always rent separate storage space. After a year of paying fees, you’ll be able to clearly determine whether all those items are worth it or not.

3. Make money for your move

Time to set up shop and sell the items you no longer need and chose not to donate, but are still in good condition. You can go old-school with a neighbourhood garage sale – just make sure you advertise it so people know when and where to show up. Or, you can sell your items online.

4. Functional furniture

Using furniture that doubles as storage is a great way to downsize in style, and keep your home organised as you’ll have so many convenient places to put things. With tiny homes and urban apartment living attracting more and more converts, there are plenty of options available, including storage ottomans, couches, and coffee tables.

5. Look under the bed

Why let the space under your bed in your new home collect dust bunnies? Use a set of drawers, cartons, or specially designed storage boxes on wheels for under-the-bed use, to store clothes or other belongings.

6. Think outside the box – or circle

A great way to save space is to work with, not against, your layout. Choose furniture that will slide into place like a puzzle rather than forcing furniture that doesn’t really work. Have a cozy corner near the kitchen? That’s the perfect spot for a square dining room table, which will take up less room than a typical round or oblong one. Will your new bedroom be compact? Keep your nightstands narrow and trade in your emperor-sized mattress for a lovely queen.

7. Wall space

Your walls are precious storage real estate. With wall shelves and cabinets, you can store books, personal items, cooking utensils, and more, while keeping your small living space uncluttered and inviting.

8. Invest in closet organisers

This will actually be one of the smallest investments of your life – closet organisers are generally inexpensive. From extra shelving and shoe racks to bins and towers, you can fit a lot in your closet if you are creative.