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5 Rising Bathroom Trends of 2019

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Striking colours, touch-activated tech and beautiful basins; here’s the Home Show bathroom countdown. 

5 – Mirrors 


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Mirrors already expand the size of our bathrooms and add a touch of vanity. Exhibitors have doubled down on this practical piece with the introduction of hand-operated backlighting.

Simply swipe or tap underneath the mirror to witness a smooth transition into a cool white or warm yellow glow ooze from behind. This glowing portal into another realm becomes the bathroom centrepiece you’ve been wishing for.

Other mirrors are jam-packed with tech, including Bluetooth speakers and demisters. Between the Bluetooth boombox and a bathroom’s generous reverberation, you’ll feel like Tay Tay in no time. Until you see yourself in the demisted reflection…

For millennia, mirrors have come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen giant mirrors fit for a castle, round make-up mirrors taking centre stage and even edge-to-edge mirrors typically found in hotels. Increasingly, it’s the round mirror that takes the contemporary crown.

4 – Matte Black

Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture

Move over rose gold, matte black is here. And it’s here to stay. With its sophisticated neutral tone, it provides a striking finish to any bathroom without being overbearing. It is destined for the tapware hall of fame alongside the likes of stainless steel and chrome.

Matte black won’t be going anywhere anytime soon for the simple reason it matches most colour schemes elegantly. This is useful for a few reasons. Firstly, you can retrofit the taps into an existing set-up without undergoing a full-blown renovation. Secondly, it’s a safe choice for selling your property in the future; future buyers spanning demographics and tastes will appreciate matte black. Finally, it resists fingerprints and watermarks, which provides a long-lasting value for money investment. Viva-la-matte-black!

3 – Concealed Cisterns

Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture

Now you see me, now you don’t! Concealed cisterns are picking up in popularity for its minimalist aesthetic and practical use in smaller apartments and dwellings. ‘Where’s the tank?’ Is a common question asked by the uninitiated. The answer is in the wall!

This space-saving element opens up new opportunities in the bathroom. It gives an extra 30 cm of space, and in small apartments, this can mean everything. Perhaps two sinks are now possible. Maybe a heated towel rack can comfortably fit in there. Or maybe, you would simply enjoy a more spacious bathroom?

PS – nobody enjoys cleaning the toilet, now you have less of it to clean!

Yours truly,

The Toilet Fairy x

2 – Thin Edge Circular Basins

Bradley Home

Bathroom Basins are becoming kitchen bowls. By design, bowls are decorative and round with thin edges. With the proliferation of rounded basins, now you have two places to eat your Cornflakes in the morning.

The circular edges and flat base allow for maximum water inside the basin. So, you’ll have ample space if you need to soak some clothes. The high walls will stop any water splashing out while washing your face. The high walls also serve as a canvas for decorative purposes.

The decorative variety is staggering. Something about the circular design accommodates so many styles and tastes. This assortment of colourful basins features polished concrete, another emerging design trend.

The light pastel colours go easy on the eye.

Alternatively, you can choose the striking ceramic basin, which is white outside and gold inside. If you’re feeling exotic, there’s the Budapest bowl, with an earthy brown interior and a beautiful blue flowers on a white exterior.

1 – Hammock Baths & Basins

The Hammock Bath Company

Comfort X comfort = Hammock Baths. Because what could be more relaxing than lounging in a hammock and a bath? The answer, absolutely nothing! Bigger than the average bath, this lounger accommodates even the tallest of humans without having knees up to the face. Two small humans also work.

The ergonomic design facilitates the arch of your back, to ensure the body melts into the steamy water. Be careful! Don’t get glugged into the sinkhole! Once inside, your arms and legs should take on the shape of a banana, making you feel like you’re at home in the tropics.

There are a few designs to choose from so pay attention:

  1. Haven – supported like a satellite dish, suspended on a steel frame, comes in black or white
  2. Oasis – suspended like an upside-down bridge, perfect place for incense, candles and drinks
  3. Mirage – shaped like the genies lamp, its minimalist and sturdy
  4. Basin – why stop at the bath? Get a matching hammock basin to match the look

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