21-23 June 2024
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Tile Trends: Smarter Tiles

colortile tiles kitchen bathroom

ColorTile continually updates its extensive tile technology collection with the latest in international and domestic trends. ColorTile have recently released a new collection dedicated to smarter tiles for easier lifestyles. The international and domestic tile industry is continually advancing to satisfy customers’ demands, as well as to keep up with on-trend styles. “Customers’ lives are […]

How To Keep Your Home Cosy This Winter

double glazing magnetite windows

Sydney’s climate is quite mild, which allows us to often forget how cold our homes actually get.  It can be difficult to heat up a home if it has been solely designed to stay cooler in summer. A main culprit letting heat escape in the home are windows and doors, which can account for up […]

Things To Consider When Renovating Your Home

refresh renovations renovating

Renovating a property can be rewarding, but can also throw a few challenges especially if it’s an apartment. There are neighbours to consider, but there are also the issues of access, council or body corporate approvals, let alone hidden issues associated with the age of the property. There are a slew of upshots to renovating, […]

dFENCE ePOD: Homegrown Innovation

dfence epod sydney home show

Craig Harwood isn’t too keen on the word ‘entrepreneur’. He’s a businessperson, sure, but he comes from an extensive tactical policing background. Saving lives has always been a big part of who Craig is. Today, this local innovator runs a global company, dFENCE. dFENCE was founded on the idea that everyone deserves to feel safe […]

8 Essential Questions To Ask Your Builder

builder questions hudson homes rebuild sydney

Embarking on a homebuilding journey can be overwhelming at times and for some, an unfamiliar territory. Research is key in a successful and smooth homebuilding process, and there are several key factors to take into consideration when you choose a builder. We have collated the most important questions for you to ask your builder when […]

Smart Home Trends 2020

Our homes are getting so smart, soon we’ll be paying their tuition fees! Here are some genius products graduating out of the next decade. Smart Home Hub Here’s a round-up of the new Smart Home Hub feature which contained some pretty impressive voice-controlled tech.  SyncWise Smart Building Solutions The smart home of the future! […]

11 Hot Tips From House Rulers Pete & Courtney

Professional dancers Pete & Courtney just walked away with $250,000 after a nearly perfect score on House Rules. “We started off as just two people from Melbourne who applied for a TV show. One sitting on their couch doing the application and the other saying ‘let’s do it tomorrow because we’re having dinner!’” Renovating 11 […]

House Rules Katie & Alex: Renovating on a Budget

House Rule’s favourites Katie and Alex shared down-to-earth advice for improving your home on a budget. When asked about their unexpected loss on series six of the show, Alex replied, “It’s all subjective; maybe the pressure got to us! Maybe it was too much for us and the limelight got us down… We were really […]

9 Energy Efficient Products Will Save You Thousands

Australia is ranked 18th out of 25 countries for energy-efficient houses; here, we run through 8 energy-saving products. Luke Menzel, CEO of Australia’s Energy Efficiency Council, said, “While this result is disappointing, it points to a huge opportunity. We can quickly cut energy bills while making our homes more comfortable by being much smarter about […]