18-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Theatre At Home

The Theatre at Home Concept has been designed and engineered in Australia by a team that have been delivering premium home theatre systems for over 20 years. Theatre at Home makes the true home theatre experience easily accessible to everyone in a simple, cost effective and all-inclusive package that both looks and sounds fantastic. Every […]


MyPlace is an Australian owned and manufactured smart home controller that integrates with your existing (or new) ducted air conditioning system and lights, garage door motors, MyPlace security cameras and more. MyPlace transforms any home into a smart home environment that enables Australian families to be their best. Our market leading smart home technology powers: […]

No More Blackouts

Our generators do all the work for you without you being there to manually switch it on/off. When your utility power goes out, the unit simply senses there’s no current and automatically switches on. When the utility power is repaired and restored, the generator automatically senses the current and switches off, returning to stand-by mode, […]

RoboPower and Shower Power

We specialise in the retail of a wide range of innovative goods including high quality water products, energy saving products, robotic cleaners and domestic water filtration systems. With an extensive background in Manufacture, design, retail and Service industries. Shower Power is well placed to continue to provide the service along with products representing best value […]

Philips Smart Locks

Philips Smart Locks revolutionise home security through three specialized ranges: push-pull, handle, and deadbolt locks, each designed to cater to various user needs. These locks incorporate advanced features such as facial recognition for secure, keyless entry, built-in doorbells to alert homeowners of visitors, and video intercom systems for enhanced door monitoring. Beyond the cutting-edge security […]