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Your Guide On Choosing The Right Builder…

10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

Ready to carry out that new renovation? Is it time to start building your new home? You have invested a lot of time and energy into envisioning how you want your home to be and so you should.

A home is much more than concrete and walls, it’s the space where memories will be forged. Choosing the perfect builder is important. The aim is to have a stress-free build, to have the home or extension you have been planning and eradicate exceeding your budget.

Follow the simple checklist below to avoid any complications arising throughout your building process.


When researching a paper for university would you source your information from Wikipedia (you wouldn’t for all those saying maybe) and why not? Because Wikipedia is not a credible source. Find a builder who is experienced in exactly what wish to carry out. Are you renovating? If you are renovating, find a builder with solid experience in renovations. Extensions and renovations can at times be far more complex than building a new home, seek out the builder with the experience in what you want to achieve. Always check the builder is registered and has the correct licenses, as well as the correct insurance.


Misapprehensions over money during a building process can often end very badly. When searching for a builder, get three quotes minimum, present all three builders with as much and the same information on the project, then compare the quotes. Remember, the cheapest quote (as appealing as it is) is not always the best. Take into account experience, word of mouth and past projects. Be aware of “free quotes” they are often very general and rushed and is an indication the builder has not given your project due diligence.


You are not a builder, you may have no idea about the building industry, be proactive and research. Be wary of Provisional Sums and Prime Cost. If a word comes up, research it. Always ask what is excluded from the quote, this will save you a lot of time and stress down the track. For example, did you know that a new home should meet 6-star minimum energy efficiency ratings? If you didn’t, your builder could have been charging you extra to meet the minimum standard. Research and ask questions.

Council Assistance

Larger projects will obviously require the appropriate permission. This can be a daunting process if you’ve never done it before, but some builders will actually take on this planning aspect of the project for you, but most will not. This is the advantage of finding a design and build company. They will have in house architects who they work with closely, and they will be experienced in the planning application process. This alone will remove much of the stress from the process altogether.

Don’t Stress

This is an exciting process, it’s a time where your imagination meets reality, which is what building and architecture is all about. A conceived structural idea becoming something tangible, a shelter, a home, a personal sanctuary. Follow the checklist to ensure your building process isn’t weighed down by stress, and budget blowouts. Happy Building.

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