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How the right door can change your lifestyle

10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

Doors might not seem like an essential design element, but underestimating their role could have a significant impact on your lifestyle. If you’re building or renovating your dream home, here are three reasons why selecting the right door can benefit your home and family.

They look great

It might seem obvious, but doors should match your home’s architectural look and style. There’s no point installing a rustic timber door in a contemporary home – it’s going to look out of place. You are better off going with a large pivot door, which makes a bold statement with its wide point of entry.

They open up design opportunities

There has been a recent architectural trend towards sliding doors and cavity sliding doors. What makes them so popular is they are extremely versatile – not only can they maximise views, they are easy to screen. Cavity sliding doors have the added benefit of being hidden in a wall cavity and there is also an option for a recessed sill, which allows for a smooth transition to outside areas.

They make your home more comfortable

The right choice of door can influence the overall efficiency of your home, especially in Australia, where we can experience extremes in temperature. Thermally broken hinged doors allow us to look out into the world, while controlling the internal temperature of our homes. Combined with lever compression locking, ensures air tightness, thermally broken hinged doors boost your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

There is much more to doors than first meets the eye – they can have a huge impact on your lifestyle and for this reason, should be chosen with care. If you make the right decision, it can be a real sliding doors moment for you and your family.