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Spring Cleaning: How to free up space and enjoy your home this spring

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When spring is in the air, it’s time to leap out of hibernation and enjoy the warm, weather. The only problem is, after a cosy winter we’re often faced with a house full of ‘stuff.’ Spring cleaning can be a challenge, but with a few easy tips and a little bit of planning, your home will feel spacious, fresh and welcoming, so you can make the most of the season.

Making a Plan

If you walk through your home and feel overwhelmed by the task of a spring clean, a plan will take the pressure off. Simply study each room and make a list of all the tasks that need doing. This way, you’ll be able to get the appropriate cleaning supplies and schedule the cleaning to work within your commitments. Plus, a list breaks everything down into manageable chunks, so it won’t seem so overwhelming.

Finding a Storage Solution!

As you’re creating your list, it’s likely you’ll come across numerous objects, furniture and cupboards full of things. Living in a cramped space makes it nearly impossible to enjoy the benefits of a spring clean, so this is the time to throw things away, give them to a charity or take advantage of a Supercheap Storage solution.

For example, if you’ve inherited an antique piece with sentimental value, but this does not really fit in the home, storing it is the perfect solution. If the kids have left home but you’re still keeping boxes of keepsakes in the cupboards, store them and free up the space for more practical items that you use on a regular basis. You can even turn a garden shed into a play room, writing room or man-cave by safely storing items you don’t use now, but may want for the future.

Getting Organised

Once you have organised to have items safely stored, you’ll have space to start cleaning. Using your list, choose a room to kick off in. To help you out, let’s take a look at how ‘spring cleaning’ differentiates from every day cleaning to get the best results.

Entrance Way

  • Mop or pressure hose the front porch or pathway. Clean cobwebs, leaves and dirt from corners around the front door.
  • Wash or replace doormats.
  • Inside, dust light fixtures in the hall or entranceway.
  • Clean marks from the walls.
  • Empty out hallway cupboards to organise, store or throw away items.

Bedroom and Lounge Room

  • Dust all surfaces, including windowsills.
  • Go through all draws and cupboards one at a time to either organise, throw away or store items.
  • Get rid of items that gather dust under the bed or couch and store them.
  • Air out mattresses, pillows and rugs.
  • Wash curtains or clean blinds.
  • Move the furniture around and sweep and/or vacuum the floors to eliminate hidden dust.

Bathroom and Kitchen

  • Empty out all drawers, cabinets and vanities in order to organise, throw out or store items and give them a thorough clean.
  • Move everything out of its normal location on bench tops, to clean surfaces and combat stains.
  • Remove fly screens and hose them.
  • Polish tapware.
  • Reseal grouting.

As you do each task, tick them off the list and congratulate yourself for welcoming spring by giving your household the ultimate gift of a spick and span living space – with ample room to entertain and enjoy the warmer weather!