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Spas – The New Pivotal Step In Post-Training Recovery

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In between a hectic schedule of training, performing at game time, and being available for the endless responsibilities of an elite athlete, it’s crucial to make time for effective rest & recovery. That’s exactly what first-class Netballer, Jane Watson, has found as she moves through her illustrious career. Creating a routine around self-care, muscle recovery, and quality sleep is critical to ensure peak performance and avoid burning out mid-season.


Consistently pushing yourself to the limit is hard work on your body, and unsustainable without a well-thought-out recovery program. Watson believes her Alpine Spa is a key component in her recovery and ability to turn up and perform day after day. “When I’ve been training all day, it can get pretty intense at times, and I love the thought of coming home to relax in my Spa, I climb in and get the hydrotherapy jets cranked up to start relieving some of the tension in my muscles,” says Watson. Hydrotherapy brings a laundry list of benefits for users, notably, stimulating the release of endorphins that relax your body’s reaction to stress and anxiety.


Watson also enjoys the little effort required to get some effective recovery under her belt, while she gets to focus solely on unwinding from her busy days. “It’s so valuable to be able to start that post-training recovery process while actually getting to relax at the same time,” she says. Combining effective recovery with relaxation culminates in a refreshed athlete who is able to turn up and push themselves to the limit when the pressure is on.


One more key aspect of an athlete being ready and able to perform is getting a quality night’s sleep. “Whether I’ve been training or not, I know that my partner and I will always have a Spa at night time, it’s so beautiful under the stars and it makes me so sleepy,” says Watson. Contrary to popular belief, your body’s core temperature decreases by a small amount when we sleep. Quite the opposite occurs when submerged in a Spa Pool, the warm water will cause your body’s core temperature to rise. That means, when you exit the Spa, your body’s temperature will behind to drop quickly, signalling the body that it’s time to head off to bed, and simplifying your transition to deep, restful sleep.