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Seeing is believing: you won’t believe this is tile

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Natural materials like timber, travertine and concrete can add a fashionable style to a home, but maintaining their original look can be costly, and after a few years they may appear worn and tired. Identical to their respective natural materials, natural-look tiles offer superior performance. Natural tiles give customers the distinctive style they want. If you want the look of waxed timber, flamed granite, a paved driveway, or the rustic look of metal for an external area. You can choose tiles that will satisfy the many variations in styles. Natural tile paves the way for affordable luxury with thousands of diverse looks to choose from depending on your budget and personal style.

Natural Tile

Image: ColorTile – Tile and Bathroom Solutions

The natural-look tile range has been very successful because it is designed for easy living and busy lifestyles, and will preserve its original look for many years to come. Natural-look tiles can be sourced from around the globe and are priced to suit all projects, from budget to boutique.

There are many benefits of natural-look tile:

  • low maintenance
  • no ongoing financial costs
  • indoor and outdoor areas, including bathrooms and kitchens
  • no sealing or sanding
  • easy cleaning
  • suitable for fire-prone areas
  • hard wearing
  • no fading or discolouration
  • no buckling or creaking
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • superior performance

Timber-look Tile

These tiles are an extremely popular alternative for those who live in bushfire prone areas. People want the wooden deck but are concerned with the flammable characteristics of timber. Tiles can reach temperatures up to 1100 degrees, making them perfect for this type of lifestyle.

Natural-look Stone Range

There is a keen interest in natural-look stone ranges which have a superior existence to that of natural stone. Those who live close to the ocean are continually challenged by erosion due to the salt air. Natural-look stone tile ranges address this issue.

Natural-look tiles are designed to complement the diverse spectrum of designs, from modern to traditional, and can offer a continuous floor design from living, kitchen and bathroom areas, flowing through to the outdoor decks.