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Hottest interior trends for 2018

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While 2017 saw us drifting into calm atmospheres of muted hues, and handcrafted shapes and organic dimensions, 2018 will slowly transport us into a world of uplifting colours and more interesting and bold geometrics with a burst of luxe, while maintaining a bohemian style. Bespoke will become a word more familiar amongst those whose budgets are a little lower as these items will become more accessible than ever before.


One particular colour that will trend in 2018 will be violet. Namely Pantone Colour of the year: 18-3838 Ultra Violet, for those with swatches to hand. It is very befitting to the Luxe Bohemian trend emerging! Purple has always been a colour that comes to mind when thinking of artistic expression, spirituality, and bohemia, and perhaps why 2018 is being seen as a year of creative expression, of reconnecting with ourselves, our imaginations and with our own individual styles.

Accessory trends

Handmade and handcrafted will not disappear, thankfully. In fact, they will be enhanced. We will see more handcrafted chandeliers for example. Artisan fixtures personalise the home and take the focus away from our tech obsessed world, reconnecting us back with nature.

We have been exposed to soft furnishings and accessories with tribal or exotic elements through 2017, and for those that embraced it and spent their fortunes on Juju Hats, shell necklaces and large African prints, fear not, these elements are set to remain strong for 2018.

In keeping with the Botanica trend of 2017, florals will continue to blossom and will be taken to the next level. We will find printed floral ceramics take their place in our bathrooms.


Trends for 2018 will allow us to become a little more daring when it comes to mixing materials. Timbers will be layered and mixed in with other strong earthy materials such as marble and other more natural elements such as stone, copper, concrete and granite. We will be comfortable in using a mix of timbers, different species for floors and window frames, but a stronger darker and more textural timber on our cabinetry. Dark wood will once more be embraced as we see a shift from the ever popular Scandi style. Perhaps we will no longer feel the need to upcycle Nanna’s mahogany dresser, but rather embrace its natural tone and character!

What we will embrace

With the move to this luxe bohemian style, we will embrace the whimsical, the expressive, the eclectic. We will no longer feel compelled to conform to a particular look. Minimalism will finally be put to rest and we can all relax in our imperfect surrounds. Bring on the brass with its warmth and subtlety, and be rid of shiny copper cubes.