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Coastal Style Furniture

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The bright sun, warm sand, and the soothing sounds of the ocean can take you far away from stress and anxiety, bringing relaxation and inner harmony. You don’t need to live near the coast to enjoy this atmosphere – you can recreate it in your own home. OneWorld Collection offers a coveted selection of coastal style furniture, so you can find just the right piece for your living room, bedroom, or patio and bring that coastal charm to your home.


Introduce seaside chic into your home with coastal style furniture

Colour palettes, textures and materials used in coastal design are influenced by nature to create a beachside ambience and add a relaxed aesthetic to your home. Coastal style furniture combines elegance and comfort. Mindfully upholstered furnishings in shades of white, beige, blue and grey reflect nautical tones, allowing you to create a cosy, relaxed beachy inspired interior, offering a year-round vacation feel.

With its sophisticated design and timeless appeal, furniture made from rattan or light-coloured timber is the perfect choice for a coastal style living room. Rattan coffee tables, cabinets and buffets with glass doors will complement your coastal interior perfectly. By using soft, neutral tones, you can transform a room into a calm, inviting space, where every detail reminds you of the warm atmosphere of the beach, enchanting guests as they step into your living room.

If you want to add bold accents that complement the softer colours and bring modernity, think of dark rattan armchairs and a cosy sofa with navy blue upholstery to provide the right contrast to the white walls and create a sense of balance and comfort.

You can also use coastal style furniture in the bedroom to create a relaxed, soothing atmosphere, where you can take your mind off the day-to-day stresses. Elegant bedside tables, rattan bedheads and trunks, classic white timber dressers and drawers will help you evoke a serene and warm beach atmosphere.


Choose the best coastal furniture in Australia at OneWorld Collection

Our expertise, gained from over 25 years of industry experience, allows us to help our customers create their ideal home interiors. Each of our furniture pieces is handpicked for quality and design to ensure we bring you the best options on the market. Enjoy our online shopping features, including Australia-wide shipping and flexible payment options. Additionally, we have some ready-made designs in stock that can be shipped the next business day, so you can start transforming your space right away.