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Child window safety devices – NSW legislation

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The Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Child Window Safety Devices) Bill 2013 stipulates Owners Corporations in NSW must have secure screens or window safety devices installed on any openable bedroom window that:

  • Has a 2 metre (or greater) fall height to the ground; and
  • Is situated 1.7 metres (or less) from the inside floor

The window should to be fitted with a device or screen that cannot open greater than 125mm. More specifically, allow a 125mm sphere pass through the window opening. It must also resist the force of 25kgs in three different points.

Child Window Safety NSW

Are There Alternatives to Window Locks?

Homeowners are free to choose the most suitable safety device for their windows, allowing the option of a strong security screen as a viable alternative to a window lock.

What matters is the screen complies with the Act. Note: a fly-screen does not comply as they are flimsy and cannot resist a 25 kg force. Security screens that are reinforced, capable of resisting strong outward pressure and correctly installed meet the requirements of the new window safety laws.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing a Secure Screen Over a Window Lock?

Installing a secure screen over a window lock allows residents to fully open their windows. This complies with the Bill and prevents the risk of falls.

Choosing a secure screen provides greater airflow and safety. Secure screens are becoming a popular choice for strata managers looking to meet the new standards.