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Building Trends for Backyard Cabins

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Backyard Cabins and Granny Flats are more popular than ever, especially in Sydney and greater NSW. The idea of working from home is now entrenched for many of us. Given the current climate and work from home possibilities, this isn’t going away anytime soon. There are a few benefits to WFH and one of them is you can design your own space. To learn and the must have backyard cabin trends read on!

Today the folks at www.diygrannyflat.com.au want to share expert advice. This includes the best ways to reduce cost and follow the ‘golden rules’ of design.


Granny Flats and Backyard Cabins are widlely popular. This is due to their fast build time and the small space they require. Additionally, there are a range of designs and shapes available for you to choose. Below are the most popular and recommended designs for you to get the most out of your project.


1: Skillion roof backyard cabin design:

This is surprisingly one of the easiest roof styles for you to use. When it comes to construction, it can be installed with just one carpenter. Furthermore, no specific “pre-made” trusses or complicated support beams are needed in most cases.

This backyard cabin design is by Oz Girisken at DIY Granny Flat brings in light for a low construction cost.


2: Maximise your backyard cabin roof height.

The reason being; you can commit to a very small footprint (floorspace) yet, make your office or cabin will feel much bigger than it is. Crafting a ‘void’ with a pitched roof will ensure that your office will wow any clients who might happen to drop by.

Mark Marsden; an engineer, mentions that structurally you cannot go wrong with this design.

The traditional design above, means you can craft a coastal look, a country cottage look, or a modern aesthetic, by simply changing the cladding and the window frames. These are the best types of designs which are truly timeless.

The speed at which your cabin like the one above can be built is less than 2 months if materials are supplied and on site before construction begins.


3: Making the most of decking to craft a huge space for your Backyard Studio.

Decking is much cheaper than building walls of a house and can be very functional.

Dean Roller shares that foundations and building of decks is much easier than most people think.

You can use decks on rainy days with the addition of waterproof umbrellas, awnings or pergolas build out from the cabin.

Maximising outdoor space and bringing the outdoors in, has never been easier with a layout that focuses on connecting decks with as many doors as possible.

We hope these three outdoor trends provide the inspiration for your yard. Come down to the Sydney Home Show or contact us directly to learn more and get you Backyard Cabins journey started!