18-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Light Up Your Home Your Way

10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

Onsite at the Sydney Home Show we spoke to Exhibitor, Mel from Barn Light Australia and were given some insight into their unique, shining business. Continue reading to learn all the key information you need to brighten your home.

Tell me about your business

Barn Light is an Australian made lighting company. We’re based in Melbourne and we manufacture and make everything ourselves. All the shades are hand spun by our local mounter spinner, Warren. We do all the powder coated finishes and bend all the goosenecks ourselves. This allows our customers to modulate and design their own look. We also powder coat houses, so everything will be finalised in whatever colour you’re working with. For an example if you have a monument roof, we have monument lights to match.

Amazing so what got you into this industry?

My background is early childhood, I’ve been working with children for the last 25 years. I met Jesse who has been working at Barn Light for the last ten years here in Australia. He had originally worked in the US until he came back to Australia and turned it into an Australian made brand. I fell in love with him and the fact that having something that’s genuinely Australian made is so great. It’s important to have in our homes and our spaces.

100% I agree so what’s your best selling product and how does it differ from other products on the market?

We’re Australian made. Our best product is probably our original barn light. It’s available in any style you like, it can have a goose neck or be done as a pendant, and you can customise it. So really what you’re doing is styling your own product for your home and that’s probably our biggest point of difference.

Melbourne Home Show Barn Light

Is this a family owned business?

Yes, even during school holidays our kids, Miles and Quin come in to help out. When you’re supporting small family businesses, that’s exactly who we are.

Amazing can you tell me about different colour ranges that you have in different features of the products?

We have a bit of a variety. We mostly work with the Dulux colour bold colours. The same as colour bond steel roofing, so if you’re restoring an old federation building and you’ve got federation green or matter red house colours, we can help bring that heritage colour back. We also work with new colours, there’s a new blue gum that’s coming out and we will be adding that into our range. You can really keep up to date with the latest trends. We also do wet spray and can offer customised colours. So if you have a signature colour in mind we can wet spray finish anything from hot pink to beach blue.

Fantastic are there any other points you wanted to add?

We have just brought out our outdoor range in our signature post mount. The same signature shades in the rest of our range can now be put on the driveway to highlight your space with the post mount. All our lights are designed to go out and withstand any kind of weather.

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