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Artificial Lawn: Lush Green Grass All-Year Round

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Artificial lawn is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional lawn. More Australian homeowners are seeking to update their backyard and alfresco entertaining areas with a well- maintained, natural-looking solution that provides lush green colour all year-long. Forget about sprinklers, fertilisers and unnecessary work in the backyard.

The Benefits

No more:

  • mowing
  • watering
  • fertilising
  • edging

Homeowners will also save on:

  • water
  • time
  • money
  • elbow grease

typically required for backyard’s with natural grass.

An increasing number of homeowners and families across Australia are looking to take advantage of the benefits of artificial lawns. Whether it’s sprucing up a tired concrete alfresco entertaining area, or creating colour around the family swimming pool – artificial lawn can give backyard and outdoor lawn areas a new lease on life. Better still, it offers exceptional coverage no matter what the season. Families with young children and pets can rest assured that artificial lawn is a 100% safe and friendly surface for them too as it contains no harmful chemicals.

Top Tips

Requiring less effort for maintenance and ensuring a perfect green backyard all year-round, it’s no wonder so many homeowners are making the switch to artificial lawn. Keep your artificial lawn looking near new for years to come by adopting the following top tips:

  • Wash away debris – a quick spray with the hose will remove dried organic matter (such as leaves, dead bugs, food from bird feeders and pet waste) and stop it from breaking down and releasing corrosive chemicals. This also helps keep away pollens during allergy season. The lawn can just air-dry when you’re done – simple!
  • Remove marks – artificial lawn is quite hardy but it’s best to treat marks quickly by hosing off with water. For tougher marks, mix one teaspoon of detergent with water.
  • Rake the fibres – this will redistribute them so the blades remain balanced. It will also help the grass to wear evenly so it lasts longer.
  • Buy the right equipment – a leaf blower, rake and hose are three great tools to keep your artificial lawn in top condition.

Artificial Lawn