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6 Storage Solutions to Organise Your Home [VIDEO]

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‘Cleanfluencers’, #cleanstagram and life hackers; a sweeping trend has brushed its way to the Home Show floor.

In less than two years, UK Instagram celebrity Mrs Hinch found stardom to the tune of 2.8 million followers through everyday organisational hacks. Her humble posts illustrate the joy of marriage, raising a baby and being home proud. Maybe a few adorable pics of their cocker spaniel for good measure!


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A post shared by Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome) on Apr 2, 2018 at 1:30am PDT

Sophie said, “I browse people’s homes on Instagram daily, and some of them literally take my breath away. But I don’t think to myself ‘I want that house’, because I love and enjoy my own. BUT we should still appreciate each other’s different tastes and styles. Every single home is beautiful, and every single home tells a story. So, I’m sending lots of love from my home to yours.”

The Home Show is THE place to discover organic organisation, smart storage and fold-out furniture. We found six exhibitors that would fit perfectly in a Hinch home:

Kitchen storage solutions

Darren Palmer (The Block judge) is a brand ambassador and influencer in his own right. He’s obsessed with the innovative designs from Häfele kitchens. Their range of kitchen cabinets, units and touch technology promises to sort away all your condiments, cans and corn elegantly.

First up, is the Fineline Mosaic. A modular tray comprised of dividers, boxes, baskets and holders. Darren describes its Lego-like functionality, “This is a completely customisable product. You can pull each section out and relocate them. As your needs change, they can adjust with you.”

Next, we have the LeMans II corner unit. Named after a French car race, perhaps for the speed you can retrieve pots and pans. The 25Kg weight-bearing trays can hold appliances like a slow cooker. Pull the handle to reveal a complete overview of its deep trays.

Darren gushed over the piece, “It’s an absolutely beautiful piece of engineering. If you’ve got two sets of joinery that intersect, and you end up with a dead corner, LeMans II is your solution.”

Finally, we have the eTouch hands-free overhead cabinet. One-touch of a button swings the kitchen cabinet upwards like the door of a sports car. It adds extra storage to areas usually inaccessible. Darren declared, “To close any of these high cabinets, especially if you’re vertically challenged, the button is just down here on the bottom. Beautiful and elegant.”

Darren Palmer’s Kitchen Design Fundamentals

Unique Wardrobes & Interiors
Pull it out

Let’s get serious here. If you don’t have a wardrobe consultant, then you’re not serious about storage! Unique Wardrobes offer a complimentary consultation to find out what you need, how it should look, and where it’s going to go.

Wardrobes can be battlegrounds in relationships. Sometimes it’s easier just to divide a wardrobe half and half. But then you end up playing tug of war with the sliding mirror doors. If you share the clothes rail, you’ll argue about who has more hangers. Who’s guilty (guys?) of dropping clothes on the floor and leaving them there?

Bespoke wardrobes can pacify these touchpoints. Customised accessories drawers for the lady; pull out tie and belt racks for the gents. Double rails to divide clothes. Perhaps even a light colour scheme to instil tranquil beach vibes, perfect for a peace treaty. For those who love the bling, “We can also include LED light strips in your wardrobe” said Suzie.

Fold Out Furniture
The name’s Bond

If 007 had a bedroom, it would be filled with this furniture. This range of furniture contains secret compartments which reveal hidden furniture inside. Perfect “for those small apartment livings and studios.” Said secret agent Sue.

How often can you “tell your guest they’re sleeping in the bookcase?” With this swivel bookshelf, you can reveal a single or queen size pull-out bed. ‘Perfect for a study or a lounge room. When you have nowhere else to put it.”

Everyone knows spies prefer studio living, It’s small and inconspicuous. But to every spy’s dismay, they’re usually strapped for space. Enter the lounge suite: half sofa, half bed. During the day, a couch and bookcase, but something’s hiding in plain sight. By night, simply pull off a few cushions and pull down the panel to reveal a hidden bed. The back panels come in different colour schemes to match the room. But wait, there’s more. Underneath the seat and armrest are secret compartments for your doona, pillows and silenced pistol…

Over in the corner is a totally normal, run of the mill writing desk… Or is it? Look a little closer, and you’ll discover it folds into another (yes you guessed it) bed! The incredible part of its transition is how all your stationery stays perfectly level.

The untrained eye will see an unassuming wardrobe. Your mother-in-law would never come over for dinner on the count you have no dining table. But when she’s gone, it’s safe to fold-down your dinner table. Just be careful not to post your ingenious new furniture on any social channels.

Soko & Co
6,000 storage solutions

Introducing Elfa shelving… Well, actually their iconic metal wall runners have been around since 1945. While the Swedish concept is not new, the clip-on components and furniture range breathe new life into an old system.

Did you know? Soko & Co is Perth’s leading Elfa retailer. “See everything at a glance, they’ll be no clutter in your pantry, I guarantee that!” Exclaimed Mahesh.

The modular rack strip sits on the wall where you can clip-on baskets, shelves, drawers, tool panels and a nifty clothesline that folds down. Totally customisable, there are components all shapes and sizes for the wardrobe, pantry, laundry, office, garage and beyond.

Such modules include gliding shoe racks capable of holding 9 pairs of shoes on one level. Or the Pantrax, a pull-out frame which holds up to ten pairs of trousers on display.

Just Wardrobes
6,000 storage solutions

Don’t let the name fool you; owner/operator Terry Tzanetopoulos offers more than just wardrobes. His wardrobes are the Swiss army knife of clothes storage. Cap cavities, handbag holes, shoe slots, belt holders, tie racks and pull-out suit hanger name just a few. There’s even a nifty pull-down clothes rail to maximise on those out of reach areas.

The rotating shoe rack is like those rotating doors at fancy hotels and corporate offices. Your extensive shoe collection can be colour coded to each swivel. Thinking outside the shoebox, Terry points out, “It’s not just for shoes – as you can see, we’ve got handbags in there. We can make these quite large for ladies who have a lot of shoes!”

When you saunter around a jewellery store, you’ll notice the large glass pull-out drawers containing sparkling accessories. They’re designed for maximum exposure and easy accessibility. Why not take this retail trick home with you? The 24-box trays allow total assortment of all your prized jewels.

Howard’s Storage World
A world of wonders

When a store has 94 types of rubbish bin, you know you’re in the right place to organise your life! Clamshell, tradition, double and single bins; the list goes on. From budget to the premium range, there’s something for everyone’s dedication to the garbage arts.

When it comes to #Instaworthy snaps, presentation is everything. It’s oddly satisfying to see everything stacked up, colour coded and labelled to perfection. Perhaps we’re also organising our thoughts in the process?

At some point, the gravy cube company OXO expanded into the container market. Their POP containers are sealed airtight at just the press of a button. Strangely enough, its Zak! who are using OXOs patented square dimensions for stackable containers. Imagine the amount of OXO cubes you could fit in a sQuare cube!

Roy from Howard’s Storage World boasted, ‘we’ve got the biggest range of containers of anyone around!’

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