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5 Factors Set To Define The Kitchen Of The Future

10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

1. Individuality and freedom in terms of kitchen design

Willi Bruckbauer, founder and Managing Director of BORA Ventilation Engineering in Raubling, Bavaria said: “One development that is influencing the entire industry is that kitchens are increasingly becoming the focal point of people’s homes and lives. As a result, consumers have ever higher demands when it comes to planning and design. They want freedom in their kitchens, tailored to their own living situation.”

Kitchen design is changing rapidly around the world, including Australia, with more favour on open-plan and island kitchen bench designs

Open-plan living continues to be the most popular trend in modern home renovation and offers a range of social and lifestyle benefits. By offering freedom when planning and designing your kitchen, and a clear view of the living space while cooking.

“In addition, kitchen design is changing rapidly around the world including Australia with more favour on open-plan and island kitchen bench designs.”

2. Innovation through research and development

The contemporary kitchen is all about innovation. More so than ever before, according to Willi, difference is key.

“As well as outstanding quality, consumers today more than ever expect to see innovations.”

3. From a niche market to a megatrend

The advantages of downdraft ventilation systems are quickly turning them from a niche product to a coveted solution in every kitchen.

4. Design and workmanship quality as the keys to success

The contemporary kitchen has, in Willi’s opinion, become a priority in homes in which quality is key and can make a massive difference to the value of a property. This means that modern appliances must display true quality in order to stay relevant – something which he espouses.

“Never before has design been so important. It increasingly shapes our homes and reflects the attitude towards life in a highly individualised society. Kitchens today are more than ever a status symbol and the decision-making and purchasing process can be compared to buying a car, previously many people’s main priority. Today, design, quality, appliance functions and the manufacturer add value to kitchens and therefore to properties. The result: consumers expect us to provide them with technical innovations coupled with functionality and creative designs.”

5. A standard of quality and value

The kitchen of the future can truly be defined as the sum of its parts.

“For us, the constant optimisation of quality and convenience in kitchens is an incentive, a challenge and an opportunity in one.”

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