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3 Reasons to Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing

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Replacing windows in existing homes can be a hassle, especially for heritage or strata homes. Existing homes can achieve thermal, acoustic and economic benefits of double glazing by retrofitting with a secondary double glazing system.

1. Maximise results

Secondary glazing solutions can be tailored to maximise soundproofing and energy efficiency. For noise reduction, a larger air gap can deliver up to 70% improvement. Similarly, a 70% boost in energy efficiency can be achieved by insulating the entire window glazing and frames for a dramatic improvement in thermal comfort.

2. Maintain aesthetic of your home exterior

For heritage/ period or strata homes, retrofitting with secondary glazing retains the existing windows and aesthetic character of the building exterior. This allows the heritage windows to be featured, accentuating the historic look and feel of your heritage home. For strata buildings, secondary glazing allows the owner to enhance acoustic and thermal insulation without any structural changes or changing the look of the building from the outside, a key concern of most strata managers.

3. Reduce costs without adding to landfill

Retrofitting with a secondary glazing system is a more affordable alternative than a full replacement. This also means that the existing windows are not taking up room in overflowing landfills. Reduced heating and cooling loads will also provide returns through energy savings and make your home thermally comfortable all year round. Save money and the environment by retrofitting your windows with secondary double glazing.