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2019 Trends We’re Excited About

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2018 trend we see carrying over to 2019

2018 saw us embrace our unique Australian landscape and homegrown heritage, bringing these elements into our homes. Locally sourced timbers such as Blackbutt and Tasmanian Oak made a strong appearance in our furniture selections.

A calming colour palette of muted tones, including bush greens and coastal hues and the use of native foliage like gum nuts, wattles and eucalyptus, brought this look to life. We loved how this trend evolved throughout the year, including the use of Australian animal motifs in artwork and décor.

Jewel Tones
The trend of deep jewel colours was another favourite for our designers. Pantone’s 2018 colour of the year, Ultraviolet, a dramatic purple shade, paved the way for this trend. We saw rich tones such as maroon, amethyst, sapphire blue and emerald green make their way into interiors around the globe.

Alpine Palette
Sustainable living has created a dramatic shift in the way we style our homes. The use of raw, natural and recycled furniture gave rise to green interiors. As such, an earthier colour palette of forest green, ochre and rust colours was an obvious complement to this trend. We saw natural timbers, textured linens and layers become a favourite choice for many in 2018. We are pleased to say this interior style isn’t going away anytime soon.

Rattan Furniture
Another favourite interior trend had to be natural rattan accents. Our love of alfresco living here in Australia was bolstered by the use of rattan and cane both inside and out in 2018.
Cane armchairs, bedheads and occasional furniture in both raw and black variations made a bold appearance throughout the year, with no end in sight for this effortless, relaxed and natural look.

Brass and Gold Elements
We loved the warmer shades of metallic detailing and décor that remained a classic look for 2018. Furniture detailing began to shy away from the typical polished stainless-steel look in favour of brass or gold. Mirrors and accessories in both polished and brushed variations added luxurious appeal and are still proving increasingly popular.

Desert Rose
We saw this trend gain momentum towards the end of 2018. A warm palette of dusty pinks, rust oranges and the earthy tones of terracotta.
Paired with brass and gold detailing, this trend works beautifully with sumptuous suede and velvet.
We love this look and foresee it continuing through into 2019, especially with Pantone announcing colour of the year for 2019

2019 Trends We’re Excited About

Looking forward to the year ahead we are thrilled to see some new trends but also the reinvention of some classic looks:

Natural Calm
We are excited that the natural and sustainable interior theme will continue for 2019. Raw timbers and stone, light leathers, linen, cane and rattan will still feature heavily. A neutral colour palette of white and off-white will be balanced by natural earthy elements. The use of handmade woven textured accessories enhanced by the incorporation of greenery, will remain popular. In the cooler months, the use of autumnal colours of rust, ochre, plum and blush will transform these interiors into warm and inviting homes.

The return of bright hues
Jump for joy! 2019 will see a comeback of bright hues. Both muted and pastel palettes have dominated for the past few years. As an evolution from last year’s trend of jewel tones, 2019 will start to see bright, bold colour making its way back into homes this year. We predict vibrant blue, yellow and orange will be used in new and exciting ways. Not only against stark black and white as we have seen in the past, but also paired with earthy timbers and used alongside their pastel counterparts for a multi-tonal effect.

Matte Black
Matte black accent pieces and accessories have been creeping into interiors for the past few years. However, 2019 will see a move to more bold statement pieces in this colour and finish. We will see the monochrome colourway revived as it is used to contrast against the neutral palettes we have favoured in previous years.

Art Deco
Extending on the timeless brass and gold elements of 2018, we will see Art Deco style making a comeback. We will see free-form shapes contrasting against one another, patterns with modern materials such as powder-coated perforated steels and hints of metallic gold and brass against a colourful palette. We love the reinvention of this trend and are confident it will become a firm favourite with many this year.

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