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10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

Have you been thinking of engaging with a building designer for your next project but aren’t sure where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed with the initial process and don’t know what questions to ask? Not to worry, Sydney Drafting Concepts & Design is here to help!

Before engaging with a building designer, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into. We have compiled a list of ten questions that you should ask a building designer before getting started.

  1. Timeframe: What is the expected timeline for the project, including design and construction plans? It’s important to know the expected timeline for the project, including design and construction plans. Knowing this information will help you plan accordingly and ensure that there are no delays during the project.
  2. Design process: Can you walk me through your design process, from initial consultation to final design and construction documentation? Understand the building designer’s design process from the initial consultation to the final design and construction documentation. This will give you a good idea of what to expect and provide insights into the designer’s skills and resources.
  3. Amendments: How do you handle amendments or changes to the design during the process, and how many allowed for? Knowing how the building designer handles amendments or changes to the design is critical before starting the project. Also, ask how many amendments or changes are allowed for in the design process.
  4. Consultants: What consultants will be needed for the project, such as engineers or surveyors? Find out whether the project requires any consultants such as engineers or surveyors, this will help you know the total expenses and time required for completing the project.
  5. CDC or DA application: Will the project require a CDC or DA application, and if so, how will you assist with the process and find out? Find out if the project requires a CDC or DA application and how the designer can assist with the process. This information is essential as it affects project completion times.
  6. Drawings: What types of drawings will we receive, and in what format? Understand what types of drawings are included in the final project and in what format. This information is important if you wish to make amendments to the design in the future.
  7. Point of contact: Who will be the primary point of contact in your office? Get to know who the primary point of contact will be in the designer’s office, this is the person you’ll need to communicate with throughout the project.
  8. Communication: How will we receive updates and communicate with you throughout the process? Understand how you will receive updates and how communication with the designer will be handled all through the project – this will prevent any potential miscommunications or confusion down the line.
  9. 3D: Will you provide 3D renderings or models of the design? Understand whether the designer provides 3D rendering or models of the design; this could be a great addition to the project as it’ll help you see what the end product will look like.
  10. Budget: How do you work with clients to ensure that the project stays within their budget constraints and cost of the plans and consultants? The budget is critical in any project; it would be wise to understand how the designer works with their clients to ensure the project stays within budget constraints and cost.

These are simple but important questions you should ask a building designer before engaging with them. The team at Sydney Drafting Concepts & Design, can happily answer these questions and any other queries you may have.