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Tips to deck out a small outdoor area

A wide, spacious backyard is not essential if you want to add a luxurious deck so you can enjoy the great outdoors at home. A bit of creative thinking is all that is needed to make the most of your outdoor space, even if you have a terrace or small yard. Here are a few tricks to remember to create the perfect pint-sized deck.

Pick fairer shades

The tone of your deck can greatly help or hinder the visual impact of a compact outdoor area. Darker tones tend to make a space feel smaller, whereas lighter colours have the opposite effect by helping to make your outdoor space feel brighter and more open.

Keep it simple

Avoid choosing intricate decking patterns, which can often feel overly busy. Be very careful doing intricate decking patterns, particularly if you’re going to be filling the space with furniture. We recommend straight patterns with a single boarder.

Let there be light

Minimal space does not have to mean missing out on adding ambience. A smaller space doesn’t mean a stark space. Subtle recessed deck lights can be installed flush on the decking boards to put the focus on the fixture’s effect instead of the source. This creates a cosy, welcoming environment.

Get smart of storage

Innovations have made it possible to get more space outside by adding a deck. Think about incorporating storage into the skirting, which typically is wasted space.

Add finishing touches

Give your outdoor space a sense of privacy with a pergola and some fabric. The pergola can also give you the ability to hang beautiful potted plants.