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Small Kitchen Trends of 2022

Since the lockdowns, there has been a surge in backyard studios and granny flats across Sydney. There is plenty of room in a 60sqm granny flat to house a complete kitchen with a stove, dishwasher and oven.

Keeping small kitchens simple is the key. Oz Girisken an architect; mentions that flush cabinetry and similar coloured bench-tops creates a much larger, open feel in a small space. The greatest benefit of building a small space from scratch is being able to harbour natural light and flood it into the most used space of any small home – The kitchen. No matter the space you have to work with, carefully planned out kitchens can still make them feel very usable. Galley kitchens can create ample bench seating and work well in tighter spaces

The Studio
Most people are unaware that they can build a studio in their backyard without council contributions and they can position it closer to their rear fence. These ‘studio’s can only be 36sqm in size. However, they are allowed to harbour a wet-bar, a small kitchenette so-to-speak with enough bench space to prepare meals and snacks.

With the advent of ‘work from home’ spaces popping up everywhere, there is still a need to prepare meals away from the main house. Just because space is limited it doesn’t mean functionality needs to be – home studio’s have boomed over the last 12 months.

Defining your entrance way and “most used” space is the best starting point when it comes to designing a small kitchen. It is important to consider the obvious fact that we use the entrance/exit and in most cases just one major space in any home. If it happens to be a lounge or desk that is most used during the day the kitchen should be planned in an integrated way to function as the “hub” that ties everything together.

With special thought given to where the refrigerator is and how much bench space is needed for a small area is vital. For instance; many people don’t realise that placing a fridge at the end of a galley kitchen or in tight nook will become frustrating to use over time. Being a well-used appliance, it should always be easy to access and take as little steps to access as possible.

A lot of small kitchens can function a lot better with careful planning from the very beginning. With careful consideration of how a space will be used years down the track.