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7 tips to a Beautiful Bathroom

Having a luxurious bathroom is like having your own sanctuary.

A beautiful interior can instantly increase the value of your house, and there really is nothing quite as tranquil as the clean lines and décor of one of the most used rooms in your home.

  1. Design your bathroom with lots of open space. A glass door for the shower and at least one window instantly increases the airy feeling of a bathroom. Having plenty of light and a large mirror will also add to the overall feel.
  2. Fixtures also play an important role in design. Having a “his” and “hers” vanity or large showerheads will give you the feeling of luxury. If you want to indulge, a freestanding bath looks incredible, just be aware of the space you have.
  3. Darker tiles add a touch of elegance while lighter tiles will make the room shine. ‘Grainy’ tiles will hide the dust and dirt in-between cleans. Even the colour of the grout can make an enormous difference to the style of the room!
  4. De-cluttering your bathroom is one of the simplest ways to increase its appeal. Having plenty of cupboards to store all your bathroom items points the focus to the beautiful fixtures and colours of the room.
  5. The traditional white bathroom is clean, neat and glamourous, but don’t be afraid to add some colour. A darker theme can give the room a modern-edge, or for a really dramatic look, get your fixtures in bright, bold colours.
  6. If you don’t want to go all out in your colour scheme, coordinate your towels and décor in sunshine yellow or bright red, and when you get sick of the colours, switch them out for an instant updated look.
  7. Finish off your stunning new bathroom with some appropriate décor. Plants create an instant freshness and add a bit of colour. Candles create a warm, relaxing ambience. Here is your chance to add some further colour, and really make the bathroom your own.


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