23-25 August 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Your Dream Home Theatre System

Onsite at the Sydney Home Show we spoke to Theatre expert Luke and had a tour of their state of the art, At Home Theatre systems. Read on to learn all the key information you need to elevate your home. So Luke, what is Theatre at Home and what does the business offer? At Theatre […]

Building Trends for Backyard Cabins


Backyard Cabins and Granny Flats are more popular than ever, especially in Sydney and greater NSW. The idea of working from home is now entrenched for many of us. Given the current climate and work from home possibilities, this isn’t going away anytime soon. There are a few benefits to WFH and one of them […]

Outdoor Entertaining Area Design Tips

Interior designer Susie Trainor from Susie T Designs shares her tips on making the most of your outdoor entertaining area. Keep reading for Susie’s tips, including creating a connection indoors and out and what luxe items she recommends. We are so lucky here in Australia to enjoy a climate that allows us to enjoy the […]

How to Plan Your DIY Retaining Wall Project

A DIY retaining wall project could add an astounding element to your landscaping. They increase functionality, improves aesthetics and ultimately boosts the value of your property. Tiered gardens, terraces, built-in seating, raised patios and sunken fireplaces are all possible with a sturdy, reliable retaining wall. Here are some factors you should consider when deciding on […]

Top 6 Retaining Wall Construction Mistakes

Correct retaining wall selection and installation is crucial to ensure your modular retaining wall will withstand the test of time. All too often, retaining walls have incorrect drainage, incorrect panels or no waterproofing! So, to help ensure a seamless retaining process, ModularWalls listed the Top 6 Retaining Wall Construction Mistakes so that you can avoid […]

Turbo-charge Your Energy Savings and Add Value to Your Home

Energy is one of the essentials in modern life; it brings us light, helps us eat and powers literally everything we use in a normal day. We need electricity to power our homes, businesses, devices, and for the lucky ones among us, charge our cars. While we unconsciously consume energy as part of everyday life, […]

The Complete Guide to Upgrading Your Home Office with Ergonomics

Realised that you’re less productive at home than at the office? Are you looking to perform better in the coming year? If you think that this is a problem caused by your home office set-up, you might be 100% right. A proper ergonomic set-up at home will increase your productivity and well-being, while taking care of […]

5 Ideas to Improve the Temperature in Your Home

It is no secret that you are the most comfortable in your own home. This is a time when you might see your energy bill increase significantly, which is enough to make you sweat without summer’s blistering heat! Read on for five ways to improve the temperature in your home this Summer. Programmable Thermostats Utilising […]

The Benefits of Daylighting on Performance

Recent research conducted by Professor Peter Barrett and his team of school design experts at the University of Salford, UK, showed clear evidence that well-designed primary schools can substantially boost children’s academic performance in reading, writing, and math. Find out more: Building Better Schools – 6 Ways to Help Our Children Learn Classroom lighting plays […]

Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaners

While working on any renovation and building projects, we bound to get our hands dirty. Most of the time, a regular hand wash is just not strong enough to clean our hands and we head to hardware stores to get some serious hand cleaners or scrubs. Cleaning products that work on grease, grime and dirt […]