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Why You Should Work With An Architect on Your Project

Why use an architect?

Architects translate dreams to designs. IRP Architects works to find unique designs to encompass your wants; a solution that understands your environment, your lifestyle, your family; a design cognisant of energy efficiency, sustainability, and total life cycle costs. Aware of aesthetics, composition, and how one detail relates to another – architects provide individual specialised services over and above standard builder’s designs.

What does an Architect do?

Architects help you understand the complexities of building design, documentation, and construction processes (interior design, outdoor living, and master planning). Collaborating with other building professionals, architects alleviate the client’s pressure of talking with town planners, certifiers, engineers and builders to ensure a unified design direction. Setting achievable budgets, guiding clients through approval processes, obtaining competitive tenders/quotes, and ensuring building quality throughout the construction phase, having an architect can provide you with reassurance.

Architect-designed buildings are great investments

Undertaking a new build or major renovation is likely to be the largest single expenditure any client will make in their lifetime. It is prudent to consult with a registered architect as architect-designed buildings are highly sought-after and acknowledged for the benefits and enjoyment of their good design.

Architect-designed buildings are energy efficient and sustainable

IRP Architects has the expertise in ensuring buildings are more efficient in energy, operating, and maintenance costs & efforts. They provide a design that adapts to the changing needs of their clients as their futures becomes their present, all the while optimising the use of existing project investments.

IRP Architects has extensive experience in utilising the difficult landscape of properties to control sun exposure, heat gains, natural crossflow ventilation, and reduce & conserve energy usage. Considering internal and external environments, IRP Architects has created award winning designs from steep mountains, seaside fronts, and complex existing building designs.

Architects are Specialists in Design

Architects are educated in a broad spectrum of subjects; developing design, problem solving, technical constraint, construction, and communication skills, architects have their capabilities verified by their registration with the Architects Registration Board.

Through education and industry training, architects are immersed into the development and understanding of the skills that are most important in creating beautiful designs tailored to each client. Architects’ training encompasses 5 years of education, compulsory practical experience, and a registration exam moderated by well-recognised architectural examiners to ensure architects provide the best design capabilities amongst all building designers.

Many architects describe architecture as a life-long passion and an inherent part of their life. Every project provides opportunities to expand knowledge and skills to meet the individualised solution required for each unique project. New tools and technologies are constantly being developed to enhance the services architects may offer their clients.