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Wallpaper Trends Set to Transform Your Space in 2024 with Grafico

Damian Corney shares insights into wallpaper trends

The founder of Grafico, Damien began the venture from his Nonna's garage while studying for a BA of Design at Monash University. Today, Grafico stands as a premier name in custom print wallpapers and design, serving global clients such as Louis Vuitton and "The Block" TV show. With a commitment to innovation and family values, Grafico continues to flourish.

Wallpaper isn’t just back; it’s making a grand splash, and if the walls could talk, they’d be singing its praises. In recent years, the personal touch that wallpaper offers has been rediscovered, transforming bland surfaces with bursts of color, texture, and patterns that paint never could. This coming year, we’re seeing some exquisite new trends that will take your home from ‘meh’ to ‘marvelous.’ Here’s the wallpaper that’s on the rise:

Today, we draw inspiration from the trends and unique offerings in Australia’s decking scene. The focus is not only on aesthetic appeal but also on functionality, sustainability, and harmony with the environment.

1. Bold Botanical Prints

Nature has always been an ace in home decor’s back pocket, and this year, we’re going all in with bold botanical wallpapers. These larger-than-life florals bring a splash of green and a whole bouquet of life to any room. Think verdant palm leaves, luscious ferns, and floor-to-ceiling bouquets that make you feel like you’re living in a serene, stylish garden.

The appeal of botanical wallpaper is its ability to turn any space into an indoor oasis. It’s a trend that marries the fresh, contemporary look with a nostalgic yearning for the outdoors – and it does it spectacularly well. Pair these botanicals with natural wood furniture and soft, earthy textiles for that “just stepped into a garden” sensation.

2. AUSTRALIANA Themed prints

Celebrating the country we live in on our walls is certainly a trend that people have been following for a while now. Whether is be bringing in the Australian flora/fauna from outside in/on your walls … or taking inspiration from your area/suburb with vintage maps & iconic imagery – there’s many a way to celebrate Australia on your walls.

3. Textured Neutrals

Sometimes, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Textured neutral wallpapers might not scream for attention, but their hushed tones and tactile surfaces command an aesthetic respect. This trend features wallpapers with a spectrum of textures, from the linen effect to the raised, sculptural patterns that add depth and warmth to a room.

Keeping things understated with a neutral color palette creates an environment ripe for personalization. Layer different textures and tones of beige, greige, and taupe to build a contemporary look that feels simultaneously calming and engaging.

4. Classic Patterns

Classic patterns are, and likely always will be, in vogue. There’s a timelessness to their symmetry and order that appeals to the eye, no matter the decade. But in 2024, we’re going all out with them. These aren’t your grandmother’s wallpaper; they’re bold, large scale, and unapologetically present.

Pinstripes, Gingham checks, Houndstooth/Tartan etc. These are classic iconic patterns that are back in vogue and back on the walls of many homes especially heritage homes where these classic patterns suit large cornices and tall ceilings. We’re also seeing these patterns mimic fashion trends as these classic patterns and textures are also en-vogue throughout the fashion/clothing we wear!

5. Metallic Sheens

A little luxury never hurt anybody, and metallic wallpapers are here to prove it. These opulent options range from subtle metallic flecks for a soft shimmer to full-blown gilded prints that exude decadence. The glint of gold, the sheen of silver, and the sparkle of copper—metallics bring a touch of glam to any setting.

Incorporating metallics doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing affair. Combine them with matte furnishings and dark, rich woods for contrast and balance. Or, take the plunge and adorn your ceilings with a metallic glaze to add height and light to the room.

6. Sustainability at the Forefront

Amid growing environmental awareness, sustainable wallpaper isn’t just a trend; it’s a necessity. And fortunately, green design has come a long way. In 2024, expect to see a rise in eco-friendly wallpapers made from recycled materials and printed with water-based inks Or companies that print to order to avoid unnecessary wastage

Sustainable options don’t skimp on style either. The designs are every bit as trendy as their less eco-conscious counterparts. And with the added benefit of contributing positively to the environment, it’s a trend that’s set to stay.

Wallpaper in Different Spaces

The attraction of wallpaper is its remarkable versatility. It feels at home in any room and can drastically change the mood and tone of a space. Here’s how to make it work in yours.

The Living Room

This is the heart of the home, and a place where you can make a significant design statement. Consider a bold, colorful wallpaper as a feature wall to draw attention to a fireplace or accentuate high ceilings. Complement with artwork and plush, inviting furniture for a harmonious flow.

The Bedroom

Your personal sanctuary deserves personal decor. In the bedroom, wallpaper can create a range of atmospheres, from soft and serene with pastel tones, to dramatic with deep, moody hues. Make your wallpaper the backdrop for the bed, the anchor point of the room.

The Kitchen and Bathroom

High-moisture areas call for durable, washable wallpapers. There’s no shortage of striking designs in these categories, from bold stripes to smaller, detailed patterns. Just ensure the material can withstand the humidity.

It’s also important to note powder rooms being the perfect space to ‘wrap’ all walls in a bold pattern and create a statement piece that will be the talking point for all your guests to enjoy!

Hallways Entryways and Ceiling

These are often overlooked spaces, but they’re the first impressions of your house. Wallpaper can turn a hallway from a mere passageway into a gallery or an introverted nook in an instant.

Ceilings are the 5th wall! We’ve seen a resurgence in ceiling wallpaper to create a bold impact in any space. From simple patterns or bold floral designs, the ceiling (or the 5th wall as we like to refer it to) can really transform a space to be a massive talking point in your home.

The resurgence of wallpaper is a testament to the timeless appeal of transformable spaces. It's like art you not only observe but also inhabit. Whether your style leans toward the lush or the minimalist, there's a wallpaper trend for you. And remember, the beauty of these trends lies in their adaptability—personalize, mix, and match until you find a combination that feels like home.