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Tiny Machines for Tiny Homes

Gone are the days of giant 1,000m2 squares of real estate with oversized gardens. The pioneers of modern living seek out apartments in the CBD, fully equipped caravans and tiny homes at an incredible value. Now, we have little appliances for the little cubby holes.

Minimalism, the idea that less is more and quality pars quantity, is continuing to gain in popularity. In a world increasingly conscious of space and resources, do we really need massive homes and massive appliances? There was once a time when families used to all live under one roof and the need for space was paramount. These days, we’re all increasingly independent with singles and couples taking up most of the dwellings. In the 1960s, we had 3.5 people occupying a property, in 2016 that figure dropped to 2.5.

It’s an adorable overload; following the East Asian trend of tiny phones, tiny dogs and tiny snacks, we’re having our own tiny revolution on this side of the pond. So, it will be no surprise that two little appliances featured at the Home Show were made in Korea and China respectively. They come in the form of small home appliances that require minimal plumbing and can sit on your kitchen countertop neatly. Drumroll please…

DAEWOO MINI Washing Machine

Introducing the Daewoo MINI, the world’s first 2kg front loading washing machine that can fit just about anywhere.

Quick note – if you’re wondering about the beautiful tiny home, The Peak, at the start of the video, check out our feature – The Tiny Home Giving 100% Profits to Charity.

How many times have you used your 8kg load washing machine to throw in a few items that you really need for tomorrow? It’s the guilt we’ve all felt— the collective contribution to burning more coal and burning a hole in our pockets. With the Daewoo MINI, you can do an efficient warm wash using only 253 kWh vs 500kWh for standard energy rated machines.

Any geeks out there will liken the image of the MINI to the revered Apple iMac G3 from 1998. Its sleek design and rounded edges definitely take some design tips from the Californian company. For the nerdy parent, the ‘baby care’ option sterilises fabrics at 80°C and leaves no detergent residue to protect sensitive baby skin from irritation. And the ‘Night Time’ mode ensures a low noise motor so the little one can still sleep as you get your favourite outfit ready for tomorrow night’s party.

Going back to the ‘less is more’ ethos mentioned earlier, the Daewoo device speeds up the laundry process and reduces water consumption by 14% compared to regular front-load washers. So, a typical wash will only take 29 minutes to complete, conveniently the same time an average Netflix episode runs!

The design is futuristic and looks like it belongs in Star Wars, so you’ll be surprised to hear it was actually launched back in 2012, with minor tweaks made since. It does all the heating internally, so just connect any cold water tap and you’re good to go. The little touches like a Spoon shaped detergent container will ensure you don’t accidentally pour sticky stuff all over the place.

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Midea Mini Dishwasher

Midea, the world’s largest home appliance company, has a mini dishwasher which can sit neatly on your kitchen top with no plumbing necessary, simply pour the water into the hole on top and 29 minutes later, your tableware is steam clean.

If there were ever a need for a small dishwasher, it’s would be for singles or couples, here’s why:
1. You don’t usually own enough plates and cutlery to fill a dishwasher
2. So the dishwasher goes unused and you have to do everything by hand or…
3. You leave stinky old dishes in there until its at least 40% full
4. But the dirt on the plates have now solidified and the dishwasher was ineffective
5. So you have to do them by hand as well as loading and unloading
6. Go back to step 1

Does this sound like your dishwashing technique? Infuriating, isn’t it? Life would be so much easier if at the end of every day, you simply loaded the dishwasher and by morning you have fresh things ready for breakfast. Too easy.

And there are some nifty little innovations packed inside, like the fruit and veg washing mode, the steam mode for wine glasses and baby bottles and all the accessories for these functions included. The seven programs are eco, 1 hour, quick wash, eco steam, fruit wash, baby care, and glass wash. Traditional tablet detergent and salt work fine but contrary to myths, don’t pour any vinegar in there, or you’ll have to consult the user manual for help on how to fix it! For those of you who like to match the kitchen aesthetic, colours are available in white, silver, black, champagne, blue, and orange.

Sales Director, Mark Rains was at the Home Show to show off the little contraption: “The most popular product was our new mini dishwasher that appealed to a wide range of consumers such as downsizing empty nesters, younger renters, singles, students, caravan owners and alfresco devotees. The appliance also got plenty of coverage on Facebook. The consistent feedback we received over the three days of the show was that consumers see the new Midea products as a premium design at exceptional value for money.”

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