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Time to stop wasting space!

When you think about a garage, what is your first thought? Is it simply a place to park a car, or is it one of the largest rooms in the house with limitless potential? Most double garages comprise more area than a main bedroom and yet serve only one function – a stable for four and two wheeled companions.

These days, with space in homes at a premium and residential blocks reducing in size, it seems a shame that such a substantial room be delegated to purely one thing. For this reason, many homes are finding a myriad of other purposes for this once neglected void. With a little TLC, a splash of paint and an attractive floor, the potential is limitless.

Without a doubt, refurbishing your garage will increase the value of your property. If your garage is secure, wired correctly and dust free with an easy to clean floor you can achieve almost anything. An attractive, durable epoxy floor system works a treat – tough, hygienic, dust free and seamless and suitable for both new and old concrete floors.

Once your garage is clean and sound, here are some ideas for how to make the most of your valuable ‘new room’.

Kids getaway or rumpus room: With the addition of some beanbags or old couches, a TV, game console, stereo and free reign to do their thing, you can give the kids their very own hideout without disrupting the rest of the house.

Home gym: Create the perfect exercise space designed for your needs and focus without interruption. No matter what time of day, if you’re in the mood, simply dive into your gym and let off steam.

Craft or art studio: Keep the mess away from the rest of the house –  paint, create and make as much chaos as you like without any guilt. You can leave your projects without putting them away and come back to them when you’re ready. Bliss.

Home office: Why bring your work into your home, when you can keep it separate from your daily living? Go to work in the right environment and avoid the traffic!

Extended entertaining space: A quick drive through the suburbs on a summer evening will show that more and more residents are enjoying the evening breeze with the garage door up, beer fridge in the corner and a few games of pool. A couple of couches and you’re set.