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This Mattress Challenges Horizontal Sleeping

This morning when you woke up did you feel more tired than before you went to sleep? Better Living’s mattress featured at the Home Show could be your golden chariot of sleep.

Zero Gravity

We have always taken horizontal sleep for granted, accepting the orientation as the status quo. Yet, Suzie Mcgrath from Better Living believes your sleep position is pivotal to healthy sleep. She champions the ‘zero gravity’ position, where your legs rest above your heart level for improved circulation. The idea is your heart doesn’t have to work so hard through the night.

Suzie ran through the fundamentals: “You’re achieving your body working like a well-oiled machine. Your heart’s not working under pressure, there’s no cutting off of circulation and you’re in a less extreme position than some other zero gravity positions like a massage chair.”

The ultimate aim is to stop rolling side to side all night, where one side invariably gets tired. Sleeping on your back all night provides improved spinal support and better quality of sleep. But what if you sleep with a partner?

Suzie reveals her secrets from the bedroom: “Me and my husband sleep polar opposite positions. I sleep with my feet high because of my back problems and he sleeps with his head high because of his snoring which opens up all of his airways.”

Sleep Consultation

So it’s a highly customisable endeavour, each user needs to have their spine mapped to the perfect bed position. Suzie and her team call themselves ‘sleep consultants’. They take the time to measure the curve in your back and understand any health issues and apply their knowledge to create bespoke bed positions.

Suzie spoke out about her degenerative spinal disorder: “People with back problems are my specialty. I personally have very severe pain that I live with on a daily basis and I can find the perfect position to give them pain relief instantly.”

The bed also vibrates, adding a massaging component to the experience. The vibration therapy brings pain relief, improved circulation, muscle repair and just plain ol’ simple relaxation. Suzie stresses the mattress is only medically effective when used over a sustained period.


Make no mistake, this equipment is packed with gadgets. There are eight USB ports in the mattress, with two on each side. Therefore, if you install it yourself, you can’t make a mistake. Especially as it fits most existing bed frames.

LED lights shine under the bed so you can find your way back in the dark, even the remote has a torch inside to navigate the minefield of toys your child left out. If you have enough remotes in the house, simply download the mobile app and connect via Bluetooth.

The Better Living mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and Suzie boasts of her staffs’ high retention rate. Meaning if you call years after purchase, chances are you’ll get the same person picking up the phone.

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