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The New Innovations In Air Conditioning

Year after year spring fades and we dreadfully anticipate the summer heat. Comfort is a relative feeling, but no one enjoys being hot in their home. Summer sets the stage where your comfort costs your dollar and in many cases the comfort is losing the battle. In cases where comfort is winning, the costs can be very hefty on buying that air-con system & paying the monthly electricity bill.

However, home’s soak up the heat from the sun and store it inside so we need to the air-con to stay cool. Technology has advanced this fight with new styles of air-con that are improved in many ways, but in the end the newer style air-conditioning systems are still expensive to install, expensive to operate and expensive to replace.

The frustrating part is even into the cooler night hours, the heat stays trapped inside when it’s cool outside. During these cooler hours, stepping outside and lucky enough to catch a breeze blowing, the sensation of outside cool air moving across the skin feels great. Stepping back inside the home, that cool breeze is so desirable so we can turn off the air-con. But how?

The air-conditioning fan moves air within the home in a closed loop system, not able to take advantage of the naturally cooled air outside at night and in the morning.

Ceiling fans move air around within a room to create a cooling effect but only move existing inside warm air. This typically offers low levels of comfort satisfaction as the heat remains trapped inside the home.

There are fans that mount onto a window and do bring outside cooler air inside the home, but they move small amounts of air so they offer little satisfaction at fighting stored heat. They are also unsightly from room to room.

These options leave many wondering if there is an effective way to remove, not fight, the trapped heat inside at night when it’s cooler outside but the HVAC contractor and the place homeowners look for cooling solutions, will suggest an air-con system.


Finally, homeowners have a new alternative cooling solution that’s attractive for many reasons, but most gravitate to QuietCool because the system makes comfort affordable, so you don’t have to choose between a cool thermostat & high energy bill or a warm thermostat & low energy bill.  


The QuietCool system is an open loop ventilation system installed in the roof cavity that allows your entire home to rapidly breathe large amounts of cool, fresh air and remove hot air trapped inside the home. The fan offers strong levels of instantaneous comfort by creating powerful indoor breezes. When used throughout the entirety of the cool night, the stored heat can be fully extracted making your home stay much cooler for much longer the next day.

You’ll use QuietCool when the outside temperature cools off. Turn off the air-con, open a few windows & turn on your QuietCool fan. QuietCool pulls outside cool air into the home through open windows, instantly creating powerful cooling breezes that blow your curtains back. At the same time, QuietCool removes heat trapped inside by sucking hot indoor air into the roof cavity & exhausting hot air out of the roof cavity through venting.

These fans are extremely powerful, extremely efficient, and receive rave reviews. They are also surprisingly affordable to install. With Brisbane climate that heats up in the day and cools off at night regularly, this product will become increasingly more popular when considering cooling options for a home. Your local QuietCool Authorized Dealer can guide you best on determining system options.

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