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The Great Outdoors

We’re all drawn to the great outdoors – there really is nothing better than a backyard BBQ on a balmy summer night. But why stop there? Plan your outdoor kitchen well and you’ll enjoy year-round cooking and entertaining outdoors, even when summer is a distant memory.

Here are five key tips to selecting the perfect sink for your outdoor kitchen.


How do you plan to use your new space? Will you use the main kitchen for food prep but cook outside, or create a totally self-contained outdoor kitchen? This decision will help you determine your ideal sink and tap combination. A smaller sized sink, may be all you need; each sink is perfect for a quick clean up or filling with ice and drinks. For the complete outdoor kitchen experience, a large sink and pull-out mixer tap will accommodate every last bit of washing up from Sunday’s BBQ with friends.


In most homes, the interior design will carry through to the outdoor kitchen, but your exterior setting still needs some thought. A large butler’s sink, although they look great, may not be practical.  Try a small round or square sink that will better suit your needs and design style.


Keeping your sink and tap close to the BBQ makes cleaning up is a breeze after a big night of entertaining. Locating the indoor kitchen on or adjacent to your back deck or patio area makes sense, too. A quick dash back inside to gather ingredients is much less complicated when you don’t have to weave your way around furniture.

Durable Materials

Outdoor kitchens must be able to withstand all weather conditions. Select durable, long-lasting materials such as stainless steel or granite.


Even if they are classed as weather resistant, the finish and fittings of your sink, tap and outdoor appliances might not cope well in a harsh climate. Adequate protection is recommended for you, your guests and your sink and tap. Undercover alfresco areas are also easier to keep clean and maintain.