18-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

The Future Now – Drought Proof, Sustainable Fruit and Veg for Everyone

Everything old is new again and in our search for sustainability, ancient traditions and modern science combine.

Multi-generational households are re-emerging supported by new technology and services, with granny flats/demountables housing additional family members on one block.  Others are leaving our cities for sustainable tiny home communities enabled by the same technology.

It’s not just our bricks and mortar that are changing as we seek sustainability.

As the cost of fruit and vegetables became more expensive than fast food and our lives more hectic, it’s no wonder that while fresh is best, it got eaten less!

Now Costa’s Gardening Australia highlights the re-emergence of verge and community gardens, the revival of heirloom varieties and a desire to grow our own food. – all driven by our search for healthier, more sustainable and affordable food.   Additionally, “Buy Local” focuses on produce grown within 150km reducing transport costs and increasing freshness – things ancient communities embodied.

Urban collectives, market gardens and farms are also readopting ancient, sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices.  They are embracing the necessity for water and oxygen to combine in the growth of healthy, nutrient dense produce and employing the ancient practice of feeding the soil so it will feed us.

Psychologically and emotionally gardening reduces stress and supports developmental and emotional growth.

So, as a time-poor, lazy gardener, imagine picking beautiful, nutrient dense fresh food every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner from your small footprint sustainable garden forest without the hassle of daily watering!!!

In this arid continent reducing water use is a game changer. Systems that assist that make growing your own nutrient dense fruit and vegetables easy, relaxing and sustainable whether you live alone in the inner city, with your family in the suburbs, in a small community of tiny homes or on a farm in rural Australia.