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Are you prepared for surprises when renovating?

As first-time renovators perhaps you might be expecting that everything will go according to plan. Without alarming you, it would be prudent to allow for unforeseen costs before committing yourself financially and having your existing home in disarray.

For example, it is frequently the case that the first floorboards removed might reveal the nasty little surprise of a termite infestation. This hidden menace can be costly and require the attention of an expert Termite Eradication Professional. More so than a regular pest controller, as their years of training have conditioned them to know exactly what to do under the given circumstances.

Once revealed it may well be the case that other satellite infestations might be accessory to the central nest, or independent nests might be lurking elsewhere in the renovation. You can be assured that fly spray will not solve the problem.

Latest inspection tools:
When it comes to detecting termites, the professionals are armed with tools up to the value of $20,000, starting with the humble “tapper” and extending to thermal imaging cameras. Regardless of tools, it’s meticulous attention that counts.

Termite eradication:
The treatments used by the industry today are vastly advanced and varied. Depending on the nature of infestation and location, the solution is applied with care. Termite eradication professionals will come up with the right formula for you.

Termite Barrier Systems:

To protect against infestations new or a recurrence, you as the property renovator should seek the advice and decide on the appropriate type of termite barrier system for your home or investment property. Again, there is a range of physical, reticulated, baiting and other systems that can be integrated to provide you with the best protection for the lifetime of the dwelling.

Periodic inspections:

With the threat of termites at bay, the way to maintain peace of mind is the periodic checking of your property and barrier systems to ensure that all is in order. This is best undertaken by the professionals that installed your termite barrier as they know the location and exact nature of the system in place.