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Can Spring Cleaning Improve Your Health?

A nice, clean and organised home is enough to put anyone’s mind at ease and make you feel all warm inside – but what if we told you there were actual, solid health benefits from a Spring clean? Let’s explore the top three ways a Spring clean can improve your health, your mood and even your life!

Spring Cleaning Reduces Allergens

Ah yes, Spring time. The glorious song of the baby birds, the adorable little lambs in the paddocks… and of course the cut grass, pollen and hay making you sneeze every time you breathe in. A good, thorough Spring clean can make your home a haven again, removing dust and other allergens that flare up eczema, asthma and allergies. Breathe easy with a good Spring clean.

An Organised Home Can Reduce Stress

Real life clutter has a huge correlation to mental clutter. An organised home can help you relax and de-stress. A clean and tidy space can also help you stay focused due to the better environment, as well as your mind being free of ‘other tasks’ to do. It’s even been argued that a clean and tidy bedroom can help you sleep better and feel well rested when you wake up.

A Tidy House is a Safer House

If you haven’t tripped over a random pair of shoes at least once in your life, I commend you. Meanwhile, for the rest of us, having things laying around can result in some serious safety hazards. Having everything in its rightful place is a sure way to reduce your chances of getting injured on your next dash out the door.

It’s hard to pass up anything that can make your life a little bit easier and increase your happiness with minimal effort. You can even use your Spring cleaning as an opportunity to get rid of some things you don’t need any more and donate them to charity. An all-round feel good activity!