18-20 October 2024
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A Kitchen Designer’s Checklist

About to embark on a new kitchen? Follow a kitchen designer’s checklist and simplify the process.

࡫ The space: is your kitchen where you want it to be? Can it be relocated if it isn’t?

࡫ The footprint: is the layout right?

࡫ Regulations: plumbing/electrical constraints? Australian Standards?

࡫ The budget: realistically how much can you spend. Where do you need to splurge and want can you be savvy about?

࡫ Ergonomics: how tall or short are you? Is something too high or low for you and will you need to bend or stretch to reach?

࡫ Zoning: how do I use the space and what goes where?

࡫ Appliances: can I re-use things I already own or do I need to make some upgrades?

࡫ Design and finishes: select the right finish for the look you want.

With the right analysis, you can end up with a kitchen that looks great but is also highly functional. KBDI experts will be offering FREE advice at The Brisbane Home Show.