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Instant Styling Hacks for the Home

Update your home instantly with these simple tips from magazine stylist and interior decorator, Tahn Scoon…

Snip some foliage:

Whilst cut flowers may be expensive to buy on a weekly basis, greenery can look just as good, and can be gathered for free. Fill a vase with a luscious bunch of leafy foliage or select a few sculptural branches for a more minimalist look. Greenery will help break up all those hard surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms and will literally add life to your living room.

Paint out your frames:

Photo and picture frames are generally collected over time, and as such they may be in a multitude of different finishes. My suggestion is to repaint them in the same colour. For example, if you have a gallery wall made up of frames in black, white, and timber – buy a can of inexpensive white satin paint and respray the lot in minutes. Your gallery wall will instantly look fresher and more cohesive.

Declutter your cabinetry:

When styling bookshelves and other open cabinetry for photoshoots, one of the most common things I do is to remove around one third of the original objects. We often think we need to fill every bit of shelving but it’s more aesthetically pleasing to leave ‘white spaces’ between groupings of objects. Once you’ve done this, decide on an overall colour palette and stick to it as much as you can (without it becoming too contrived or over-styled).

Freshen your cushions:

We all know updating our cushion covers is a good tip, but a less obvious tip is to replace any deflated polyester inserts with feather. Your cushions will instantly look lusher. A good trick is to buy the feather inserts one size larger than your covers, this will help them look extra plump and luxurious. You can buy 100% feather or feather-fibre blends, the latter is better as it holds it shape longer.

Update your linen:

All towels and tea towels get tired and stained over time. Replacing old bathroom towels with fresh, fluffy white towels will instantly lift any bathroom. Incidentally, if you want your towels extra fluffy, add vinegar to your rinse cycle to remove any soap, and after air-drying, throw into the dryer for just a few minutes. In the kitchen, the easiest way to achieve a more high-end look is to replace old cotton tea towels with those made in linen.



Photo credits:

Interior Decorating: Tahn Interiors

Photography: John Downs