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Increase Space in your Home by Thinking Outside the Box! 

If you love where you live but feel like you are running out of room, the answer could be right above your head. Gaining safe and simple access to your roof space in addition to making use of this wasted area is a brilliant and affordable option for growing families to consider. With up to 30% of a home’s total capacity lying dormant in the roof, an attic conversion is a smart alternative to traditional renovations.

Whether you require a storage area or an additional bedroom, a roof space conversion is sure to satisfy most requirements and budgets.

Storage options vary from the installation of an attic ladder and basic storage flooring, to converting your roof space into a dust proof storage room, or even a premium attic storage room. All storage options are safely and easily accessed via a quality attic ladder.

If your family is outgrowing your home, consider having your roof space transformed into an additional living area.  With plenty of light, ventilation and electrical options to choose from, the potential uses for this sort of conversion are endless. You may decide to use it as a games room, bedroom, theatre room, family room and so on.

Homeowners are always thrilled with their new found space, whether it be storage or living. Not only does a roof space conversion create the extra space needed, it enables homeowners to reclaim their core living areas and create a clutter-free comfortable home.