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How to Create a Design Brief for Your Pool

“Design Brief” is basically a fancy term for what you do and don’t want. It can be as specific or general as you like.

Creating a design brief will give you and your pool designer a great head start when it comes to your initial design concept.

When starting on your design brief for your new pool, it is great to start with the basics.


In a perfect world, this will be close to the house / existing outdoor entertaining, and be seen clearly from the house and from the kitchen. Existing services in your yard can affect the location. Your pool designer will be able to help you with this.gr-brief


Straight or curvy? Formal or lagoon? A mix? Brand new shape that has not been used before?

Consider what will suit your house style, yard and needs. Your pool designer can help you refine this.


This one sounds obvious, but what are you wanting to use the pool for? Getting wet and sitting around? Just for the kids? Laps and exercise? The answers to this will affect the size and layout of your new pool.


What is going around your pool? Most people want enough room for a few loungers. Decking or paving? Some grass to throw a towel down on? Do you want some shade? A pavilion for entertaining? Making sure there is enough room around the pool for safety, access and to not feel closed in is always important.


Pool fencing regulations are constantly evolving. And so is pool fencing. Your pool zone no longer has to feel like a jail. Pool fencing should be considered early and at every step of your pool design process. Your pool designer will be able to help you with this.


From heating, cleaners, water features, energy efficient pumps, hand rails and mineral pools to pool automation – there are hundreds of options now available for pools. Make sure you speak to your pool designer about what options are available and best for you.


Pool zone planting is the finishing touch to your new pool. Sticking with a theme for your pool zone will create a pleasing and cohesive feel.

You want plants that are durable, low maintenance, & that do not drop lots of little leaves for your pool zone. The root size also needs to be taken into account. Your pool designer will be able to help you with this.

To design your dream pool that fits your lifestyle and budget, visit cityscapes.net.au.