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Latest Home Trends of 2023

Home Trends are always changing. Browse our top 10 Home Trends of 2023 below to get inspiration, ideas and elevate your home going into the new year!

Patterns and Tactile Textures:

Home décor of 2023 is nothing short of unique – and we love it! Get creative with your interior design by incorporating bold patterns and textures throughout, from canvas prints to rugs. Find earth tones for a biophilic look or pick something graphic that’s making its big comeback into home interiors in the form of furniture upholstery, wallpapers and more. Whatever style you choose will make your home truly yours – so go ahead & get started on perfecting those personal touches!

Smart Storage:

Homeowners are turning to custom smart storage solutions in record numbers, with more than a third enlisting the help of cabinetry professionals over the past year. The trend has even extended into home design projects now as “butler’s pantry” searches have increased by an astonishing 311% on Houzz in 2022!

Bold and Bright Outdoor Designs:

This is the year of expression outdoors! Transform your outdoor space with a standout dusty pink lounge chair, bring out those Mediterranean vibes in fiery terracotta tones or amp up beach-style decor with sky blue al fresco dining sets. Also take advantage of patterned tiling. Whether you choose classic elegance or something more adventurous like Moroccan-style mosaics this look will add personality to any area. Make an impact by layering in bright colours for extra drama and create striking results on both large patios and smaller nooks alike.

Accent Lighting:

In 2022, glass pendants were a popular choice to light up bedrooms and bathrooms. But this year is shaping up differently – we are seeing more of nostalgic designs from decades past as well as new colourful lighting! Ian Cameron at Cameron Design House says that “glass configurations will grow louder and prouder over the coming year,” and it’s certainly true for 2023 with mushroom lamps joining in on the trendscape too. Let your creativity show through accent lighting like never before.

Multifunctional spare rooms:

Working from home has taken on a whole new meaning this past year, and it looks like the trend is here to stay! For those of us who need an office space in our homes we may have something much more versatile – the multi-functional spare bedroom. Searches for ‘home office with sofa bed’ are up 70% since last year; proving that having both work & leisure at your fingertips can be done through clever design tweaks. If you want workspace and living room look no further than dressing tables as desks – their pocket doors allow you to hideaway your desk when not in use so working life doesn’t take over entirely.

Sustainable Design:

Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of how important sustainability is in their daily lives, so they’re making sure to equip their homes with eco-friendly features like solar panels, green roofs, greywater recycling systems and energy efficient appliances – all perfect for transforming your home into an oasis of earth-focused comfort.

Global Influences:

Add some serious style and global flair to your space with the hottest current trend in design! From bold Moroccan tiles, intricate Indian textiles, and exotic décor – we’ve got all you need for a one-of-a kind look. This is ideal for those who love travel or want to bring their adventurous spirit into their home. So don’t miss out on this opportunity for an extraordinary international experience without ever leaving your house!

Home Decor Pieces:

Home-decor enthusiasts are leaving behind mass production in favour of unique, artisanally crafted pieces with beautiful finishes. Travelling to discover special objects that remind you of precious moments and places is another way to make your home more meaningful – so layer it up! According to Ty (industry expert) and Verity Kizek (founder of homewares brand Saardé), the trend for imperfect beauty has sparked an exciting revolution in interior design.