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Home Trends in 2022

Looking toward a post-pandemic world, future home trends will see more of a focus than ever before on practicality and adaptability inside our homes. As we take a deep breath and process our new routines, we will be sharing our top tips for future home trends. In 2022 and beyond, we’re readying ourselves to adapt to our new lifestyles and work-life balance!

With a significant increase in flexibility in the workplace coming into effect, it comes as no surprise that our requirements for our living spaces have shifted drastically, particularly over the past two years.

So which trends are here to stay? With the help of Interior Designer, TV Presenter and writer James Treble, our Home Show team has created a list of current on-trend styles for your home, which is suitable for flexible lifestyles and routines! This year, we’re all about thinking smart and investing in timeless classic pieces that will last a lifetime, not just a season.


1. Multifunctional Spaces

It is increasingly common to implement more multi-functional spaces in our homes, and open-plan living spaces are seen almost exclusively in newer homes. Perhaps a guestroom can be transformed into a home office or homework area for the kids, or a portion of your living area can double as a space for creative hobbies or the perfect space for a quick home workout!

Interior Designer and seminar speaker at our Home Shows, James Treble says to consider what type of work you’re doing from home. “People have ended up working from home a lot more and are having to create their own multifunctional spaces”, he says. “Try and create desks where all members of the household can spread out and have their own personal space.” This is something to consider if, for example, you are on the phone to many people throughout the day and are generally chattier than the rest of your work-from-home household members.

Just because we’re working more from home doesn’t mean colleagues and clients will never see you at work! Video calls are of course a lot more common when your organisation can’t get together for Friday night drinks every week, or to discuss work issues through a simple face-to-face chat. James says, “If you are using Zoom or other software which includes video calls, consider where you set up your office space. Make sure it looks professional, be aware of what’s behind you in the video frame and adjust the lighting. It can really affect the professional impression people have of you.”


2. Sustainability & Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainability is the future. Wherever possible, think about the kinds of materials you are using in a remodel of your home or even a new build. Recycled, upcycled, or reused materials can become a very cost-efficient option, and adds a lot of character to a home.

An even easier option could be to opt for energy-efficient designs such as double-glazed windows, which reduce the need for heating/cooling appliances. Good quality, airtight windows stop cooler and hotter air from coming through. The more insulation in your doors and windows, the better for the environment and your pocket!

But as James Treble says, the biggest investment by far (for all new homes and existing) are solar panels. “We are obviously using more technology than ever before, and children even more so at an increasingly younger age.”

“Technology of course requires energy. As our homes raise in value and the energy we are using & cost of materials rises, creating our own power is the logical thing to do. It’s one of the big investments to your home that actually increases its value over time.”

However, the process of sustainability is a longer-term goal for most households – there’s no need to throw out all your existing plastics and immediately buy expensive alternatives. The most sustainable thing you can do right now is use what you already have, and then think long-term about worthwhile investments that will benefit you from an ecological and financial viewpoint.


3. Timeless, premium furniture styles

As we move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, more of us are now also rejecting fast fashion items – even in our furniture & décor pieces. It will give you so much more peace of mind to know that you have done your research, and invested in classic pieces that will last you a lifetime – rather than cheaply made, budget basics which have a high turnover in the home.

Some premium items to invest in are the ones you use every day, where you can’t afford a cheap finish. “You want to start off with a good quality sofa – with good quality fabric and most of all, a strong frame. It’s where you spend lots of time with your significant other, your family & friends, lounging, watching TV… you deserve quality” says James Treble.

In fact James still has a sofa he got from a friend’s house twenty years ago, a beautiful Danish piece, on which he remembers sitting when he was a little kid. He had it reupholstered of course, and it is now ready for its third incarnation, standing the test of time!

In thinking about multifunctional spaces too, a good quality dining table is also a key piece of furniture that needs to last – a quality piece that possibly extends and can be used as a homework table for the kids, a crafting table, and another substitute for a work-from-home space if you’re a little tight on room.


4. Colours & Cohesion

The question of what colours for your home are in style is always a big one. A cohesive look around your home, with a timeless look and feel, is a classic option which will never go out of style. Think light classic colours such as off-white walls, neutral-coloured benchtops and cabinets, with minimal pops of colour in-between.

However, according to James Treble, warmer tones do seem to be coming through a lot more now – and we are all still loving light sage green colours throughout the home. “Greens bring nature inside your home,” he says.

“Especially after being locked inside for so long, we need to get back outside. It’s a logical step to bring a sense of nature indoors, with greens and earthy tones from the great outdoors. It helps you feel more calm and relaxed, even when inside the spaces we are occupying a lot more often.”


James Treble will be reporting about the next interiors trends from the Milan International Furniture Fair (June 2022), and will also be presenting at our Home Shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney between April-October 2022.

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