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Getting the Best From Your Polished Concrete Floor

No longer just the domain of industrial designs, polished concrete is fast becoming the flooring of choice in residential and commercial projects – inside and out.

Polished concrete is a versatile and low maintenance flooring option that complements a myriad of building designs.  While it gives a stylish finish to any building project, its hardwearing surface makes it durable, low-allergen and easy to keep clean.


A polished concrete finish is achieved by grinding the top of a concrete slab to expose the aggregate (rocks) in the concrete. After the initial grind, the concrete is treated with a polymer grout to fill in any holes and create a smooth surface. The concrete will then be applied with a concrete densifier to harden the surface. From here the surface can be continually ground back with specifically designed grinding machines – a finer grit is passed over the concrete each time to end up with a totally smooth glossy or satin finish.


To achieve the best result with your polished concrete, start with the right concrete mix and use qualified tradesman to lay and grind the concrete. Concrete with a higher compressive strength will perform better when being ground and polished, generally a minimum of 32mpa concrete is recommended. As polished concrete floors will expose the aggregate within the mix, it is best to use a concrete mix with a higher aggregate content so your floor has an even distribution of aggregate. Most pre-mixed concrete suppliers will offer specially designed polished concrete mixes.
The surface of highly polished concrete is fairly impervious but can get scratched and dull if not cared for properly. It is however an extremely durable surface and easy to maintain compared to other flooring options.

Polished concrete floors don’t require any special cleaning solutions and using a microfiber mop/broom daily is the best way to keep your polished concrete clean.

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