18-20 October 2024
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When Generations Share Space

There is increasing demand for Multigenerational households across Australia for a variety of reasons.

Boomerang children, financial circumstances, cultural practices, even your job can determine how likely you are to live in a multigenerational household.

So what is multigenerational living?

Simply put, it is when more than two generations live under one roof. In Australia, 1 in 5 households has adults from two or more generations living together. That’s more than four million Australians sharing a home with their parents, their adult children or other extended-family members!

“Henry still lives at home with his mother”, Henry’s friend loudly pointed out to a table of lovely young ladies.  Henry simply replied, “Yes I do.  I have no debt, my car is paid for and I have a deposit for a house when I decide to get married”. 

Whilst the benefits of multigenerational living are significant, lack of privacy and interference from other household members can be difficult to manage as can living in what can be a noisy and often too small, inadequate space. A detached dwelling can assist in delivering a new space to the household that allows for all members of the home to reclaim the enjoyment of their core living spaces and just as importantly, their independence.

Having had family move back home has not been easy.  But I know that if anything happens to me – if I fall over or something, I won’t be left there. The comfort of knowing that we can rely on each other is worth it”.

If your home is overcrowded, or you simply need your own space for some peace and quiet, consider a carefully designed granny flat for your backyard.  There are plenty of options to choose from; whether it be a home office, a one or two bedroom space or a bright and breezy pool pavilion – it’s your space to design and enjoy as you wish.